We’re All Mad Here

As Alice in Wonderland has established, to a certain extent the best people are mad. If not, how does one one survive this world which on its own is chaotic?  Similarly, who says Christmas can’t be mad and be celebrated ala Wonderland?

Our office has taken Christmas decoration to another notch this year! We transformed our working spaces into the world of Alice through the use of recycled materials. And guess what, we are battling for the “best decoration” title! So, friends, I am asking as small favor. If like me,you believe in madness that does not need to be outlandish, do me a little help and win our division (RDMD) clinch the title. Please click the photo below and hit the like button!

Thank you and Merry Christmas! I am sure your madness, like RDMD’s’, will certainly help you tackle difficult challenges with a fun and bright perspective. 🙂


A Blessed Christmas to Everyone!


Wherever you are
Whatever walk in life you are in,
I hope you feel loved
By family, by friends
Or at the very least
By our Savior who gave up
His life to save us all.

A Blessed Christmas to you. 🙂

Weekly Photo Challenge: Changing Seasons

There is no such thing as  literal “Changing Seasons” in the Philippines. You either get a sunny day or a rainy day. Nowadays with the climate change, one can’t even predict whether summer is going to be in April or in December, or if typhoons will come in June or November.

Likewise, we don’t have defined seasons that is associated with holidays except maybe for one… Christmas. As the country known to have the longest Christmas celebration, my thinking about a year sometimes boils down to this: it’s not yet Christmas or it’s Christmas already.


I’m one of those who’s always giddy when Christmas is coming up. Despite all the chaos during this time of the year, there’s something about the season that makes me feel fluffy, carefree and happy. So, Christmas, to me is one the most awaited change of season. 🙂

It’s That Time of Year!

Woah! No update for almost a month! Before anything else, let me greet everyone a belated Merry, merry Christmas! How was your Christmas? Mine was rainy, quiet and simple but nonetheless still happy as I expect it to be.

December is always one of my busiest months as explained by my perennial inability to update frequently in the said month.  The year-end requirements at work, the Christmas parties that need to be attended, the gifts that should be wrapped, the reunions that require our attendance… Whew! It’s a miracle how we manage to come out alive out this super hectic month.

So… here’s a rundown of what I’ve been up to this past month: parties, reunions, gatherings and of course more parties! Be prepared for a parade of pictures!

A simple merienda and videoke session for our division's party.

This year's theme for the office Christmas party was rock.

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Dear Santa

Christmas is just around the corner. Contrary to what I thought earlier, my Christmas wish list apparently does not only contain the Paolo Coelho planner (which I already bought by the way) but tons of other stuff.  Please don’t be shocked. Here it goes:

  1. Laptop

 One with an i5 processor, please? I don’t really need one with i7 processor…yet. Pete (my laptop’s name) is turning 5 next year and don’t you think it’s high time for me to have a new pal? Pete already gave up on my watching and gaming habits and I am afraid he might die already anytime soon.

This is enough to pacifiy me. =)

  1. Running shoes

Coz I need to get back in shape ASAP. A pink or red Adidas or Nike wouldn’t hurt.

  1. Paolo Coelho’s Aleph

Or any of his books—minus The Alchemist, The Winner Stands Alone, and The Zahir. I find his books enlightening and inspiring. They help me have a better outlook on life. Who knows after giving me one, I might realize I don’t really need the items above. *wink* *wink*

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ADIEU 2010: All in December

Ola! I just decided to wake my blog from its very long period of hibernation. Anyway, I’ll be posting several entries (hopefully) which are still 2010 related. I know they’re late but as they say ‘It’s better late than never.”

First on my list: Christmas happenings.  December was a bomb: 3 Christmas parties, 3 presentations, etc.  PCHRD had a cowboy-themed Christmas party and everybody looked fly. I had fun but I promised myself I don’t want to be a member of the program committee again! Haggard.

Cowboy RDMD people.

I joined the DOST Gut Talent as part of the DOST Christmas-wide party activity.  It was probably the most tiring and enjoyable two weeks of my 2010 life. We had to practice everyday but it was okay since I met awesome people. Can’t wait for our “celebration”.

Representing DOST West Sector. 😀

Also, after a year of haggardness, I was able to get a 10-day vacation in Bicol. Minus the awful weather, I had a blast!. These were some of the events/happenings that totally made me grin from ear to ear:

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Not Just Once but Twice

Funny title. Anyway, yesterday I was just talking of having no plans to watch the oblation run. Turns out fate has different plans for me. Supposed to be I have a class at from 11:30 to 1 pm. 😀 But, the class managed to convince ma’am to dismiss us early and just start the new lessons next year. So off we (I and Eloi) go.  It was only 12 nn so we were wondering if the oblation run have already started. (F. Y. I. At that point in time,  I haven’t watch a run ever). We weren’t so keen so we didn’t bother too much. We just passed near the AS lobby.  We were expecting the run would at the center of the lobby, so we tried to avoid passing there. Then suddenly the media were heading our way. In fact a camera man hit me and didn’t even bother too say sorry. After that, wooooosh…. There goes the  perfect specimens for a human anatomy subject. And there goes the effing “tili” of the you-know-who. That’s it. Well for me. Not really shock or excited or something. I happen to have  two brothers and almost 16 male cousins. 

So after the “show” we quietly walked.  When we are about to enter AS walk.. woooh. There they go again. O_O Who would have thought they will pass twice? Hahah. As if fate was telling me… “This is your payment for not watching for the past three years.” Hahahah! 
So to my dear brothers and cousins, I tell thee. ” I’m so sorry. Your only sister and youngest female cousin has now witnessed male pride apart from yours. But don’t worry, you were the first.” hahahahah! 
Enough of that. Anyway, it was a hell of day. Went to Cubao to get a ticket. I was surprised that almost all buses until the 30th are already full. Then I went to Katipunan to meet someone. I and my thesismates had a meeting with Dr. Carino. Lots of thesis homework for Christmas. T_T Huhuh. No choice. Aja! Then I waited for 2 long hours in the cashier’s office just pay my dorm fees. Argh.. So tired.  I am looking forward for the events tomorrow. Lantern parade and Chem’s Christmas Party!
Advance Merry Christmas everyone! 🙂

It’s Almost Here!

Brr. It’s cold. The wind coming inside our room is so cold. And so I can finally say, it’s almost Christmas.How do I say this? Di siya magsink sa utak ko. Yun. November  was so hot. It seldom rains. And I don’t feel “christmasy” at all.   For Filipinos, all the -ber months are part of Christmas. But now, you can’t see and feel that. Must be the effect of the recent economic recession. How sad. 

Anyway, I decided not to dwell on the sad plight of the country and world. I ought to give my life some “happy happy” mood. I started it with my desktop. <see picture> Nice huh? Got the wallpaper from kate.net.  And I just want to brag! I have he cleanest desktop in the world! Hahah! 
Moving forward… Home in 3 days. Yep. Oblation Run is tomorrow. Lantern parade on Wednesday. Ah oh. I haven’t seen any oblation run yet. Haha! And I have no plans. Besides, I have a class. 😛 Vacation is a bit long. Longer than the semestral break. O_O I’ll not be back in Manila until January 6! Yay! XD Urgh. I’m dreading January already. I should start to panic. Guess why. 
Anyway, that’s all for now. Some spur of the moment whatevers again. And oh.. I want to do some ukay shopping before I go home. XD XD