Not Just Once but Twice

Funny title. Anyway, yesterday I was just talking of having no plans to watch the oblation run. Turns out fate has different plans for me. Supposed to be I have a class at from 11:30 to 1 pm. 😀 But, the class managed to convince ma’am to dismiss us early and just start the new lessons next year. So off we (I and Eloi) go.  It was only 12 nn so we were wondering if the oblation run have already started. (F. Y. I. At that point in time,  I haven’t watch a run ever). We weren’t so keen so we didn’t bother too much. We just passed near the AS lobby.  We were expecting the run would at the center of the lobby, so we tried to avoid passing there. Then suddenly the media were heading our way. In fact a camera man hit me and didn’t even bother too say sorry. After that, wooooosh…. There goes the  perfect specimens for a human anatomy subject. And there goes the effing “tili” of the you-know-who. That’s it. Well for me. Not really shock or excited or something. I happen to have  two brothers and almost 16 male cousins. 

So after the “show” we quietly walked.  When we are about to enter AS walk.. woooh. There they go again. O_O Who would have thought they will pass twice? Hahah. As if fate was telling me… “This is your payment for not watching for the past three years.” Hahahah! 
So to my dear brothers and cousins, I tell thee. ” I’m so sorry. Your only sister and youngest female cousin has now witnessed male pride apart from yours. But don’t worry, you were the first.” hahahahah! 
Enough of that. Anyway, it was a hell of day. Went to Cubao to get a ticket. I was surprised that almost all buses until the 30th are already full. Then I went to Katipunan to meet someone. I and my thesismates had a meeting with Dr. Carino. Lots of thesis homework for Christmas. T_T Huhuh. No choice. Aja! Then I waited for 2 long hours in the cashier’s office just pay my dorm fees. Argh.. So tired.  I am looking forward for the events tomorrow. Lantern parade and Chem’s Christmas Party!
Advance Merry Christmas everyone! 🙂

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