Dear Santa

Christmas is just around the corner. Contrary to what I thought earlier, my Christmas wish list apparently does not only contain the Paolo Coelho planner (which I already bought by the way) but tons of other stuff.  Please don’t be shocked. Here it goes:

  1. Laptop

 One with an i5 processor, please? I don’t really need one with i7 processor…yet. Pete (my laptop’s name) is turning 5 next year and don’t you think it’s high time for me to have a new pal? Pete already gave up on my watching and gaming habits and I am afraid he might die already anytime soon.

This is enough to pacifiy me. =)

  1. Running shoes

Coz I need to get back in shape ASAP. A pink or red Adidas or Nike wouldn’t hurt.

  1. Paolo Coelho’s Aleph

Or any of his books—minus The Alchemist, The Winner Stands Alone, and The Zahir. I find his books enlightening and inspiring. They help me have a better outlook on life. Who knows after giving me one, I might realize I don’t really need the items above. *wink* *wink*

This version, please? 🙂

  1. Bath towels and bed sheets

Coz’ I’ve been using mine since God knows when and they are faded already. I will greatly appreciate if they come in the hues of pink and red.

  1. Earphones

Beats by Dre or phillips, please? Mwah!

They're freaking pretty.

There. There’s only five items on my list. I would love love you should you decided to give me any one of them. Oh wait. I already love you!

P.S. Can I extend my wish list? I’d also appreciate if you can these things to my family:

  1. A wristwatch for my older brother. Can you make it the one with compass? I don’t exactly know why he needs a compass since he doesn’t seem lost.
  2. A cellphone for my younger brother. Ehr. He specifically wants an Android phone just like mine. Hmm. Should I just give him my phone then maybe you can just give me the new phone? Heh. So much for wishing.
  3. A facial treatment, Olay moisturizer, pouch bag, and black wristwatch for my mom. Yes. In that order. Because I think she deserves them more than anyone else in my list.

Are you overwhelmed?  Don’t worry. If you’re going to give me one, I’ll take care of the rest. YES. I’ll take care of the rest. *hint* *hint*

Advance Merry Christmas Santa! I hope you’re fine till December 25.

Your most loyal steward,


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