It’s Almost Here!

Brr. It’s cold. The wind coming inside our room is so cold. And so I can finally say, it’s almost Christmas.How do I say this? Di siya magsink sa utak ko. Yun. November  was so hot. It seldom rains. And I don’t feel “christmasy” at all.   For Filipinos, all the -ber months are part of Christmas. But now, you can’t see and feel that. Must be the effect of the recent economic recession. How sad. 

Anyway, I decided not to dwell on the sad plight of the country and world. I ought to give my life some “happy happy” mood. I started it with my desktop. <see picture> Nice huh? Got the wallpaper from  And I just want to brag! I have he cleanest desktop in the world! Hahah! 
Moving forward… Home in 3 days. Yep. Oblation Run is tomorrow. Lantern parade on Wednesday. Ah oh. I haven’t seen any oblation run yet. Haha! And I have no plans. Besides, I have a class. 😛 Vacation is a bit long. Longer than the semestral break. O_O I’ll not be back in Manila until January 6! Yay! XD Urgh. I’m dreading January already. I should start to panic. Guess why. 
Anyway, that’s all for now. Some spur of the moment whatevers again. And oh.. I want to do some ukay shopping before I go home. XD XD

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