Sea: A Work in Progress

The sea reminds me of….

…a fear that I have yet to overcome…

Taken at Saud Beach, Pagudpud, Ilocos Norte.

Saud Beach, Pagudpud, Ilocos Norte.

…a dream that I have yet to achieve…

Isla Reta, Talicud Garden, Samal

Isla Reta, Talicud Garden, Samal

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Foreign

Late post again this week! I’m having a hard time with the Internet connection on this side of the Philippines. I’m currently in my hometown, Iriga City, for an eight-day vacation so I am also kind of detached from the online world. Anyway, for this week’s challenge, “FOREIGN”, I am sharing a picture of very interesting rock which caught my interest when I was in Badian, Cebu a few weeks ago:

This was actually part of a cliff near the beach where we stayed at. The structures are so amazingly foreign and bizarre. I had a hart time figuring out whether these were dead corals or roots of an old tree that got submerged in water and subsequently petrified. Oh, the wonders of nature! 🙂

(Food Trip) Hunky Burgers of Dong Juan

For every travel, I usually write a travel diary but I seldom write anything about new restaurants that I and my friends discover. I am not really a foodie but since I have friends who are, then I also became a foodie by default. So I decided to feature some of the restaurants that I’ve been to and share my eating experience. I’ll start with the restaurant we tried out when we went to Cebu: Dong Juan.

Dong Juan offers all the fast food we love from burgers, fries, pasta and pizza but with a different twist. Everything has been upscaled that one would thought it’s almost a fine dining restaurant. There are a lot of goodies on their menu but of course I did not want to miss out their famous burger so I ordered a cheeseburger (~Php 200)  for myself. Didn’t knew it would be big as this:


And this.

The burger was greaaaaaaat. One of the best I had in my entire life. The patty had the right juiciness and the cheese did a good job of enriching the Dong Juan burger experience. The burger was also so huge that I had to cut it into four so I could bite properly. I wouldn’t mind ordering another one if someone can tell me if there’s a Dong Juan branch here in Manila.

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(Travel Diary) Quick Cebu Getaway (Part 2)

Hurray! I managed to finish my travel diary earlier than expected. So here’s the second part of my Cebu getaway last weekend:

I will go wherever my feet will take me to.

Day 3

 We didn’t swim anymore on our second day at the resort since we had to go back to the city proper by lunch time. We left the resort at 8:30 am and then dropped by Sharmrock in the town of Barili for a quick breakfast. We arrived in the city proper at around 11:30 AM and then proceeded to Taboan market to buy pasalubong.

The market has every imaginable dried fish and pasalubong from Cebu. Price for a kilo of danggit or pusit ranges from PhP 450 – 650 depending on your bargaining skills. One can also buy dried mangoes, otap and rosquillos in Taboan.  From Taboan, we dropped off Tena and Sanch somewhere in the city proper and agreed to meet at around 2 PM at SM Cebu. Thea and Lukas also parted ways with us (I, Shei, Sab and Io).

 The four us then proceeded to SM traveler’s lounge to deposit our bags and settled to eat at Chikaan sa Cebu. The restaurant serves mainly Filipino food with a Cebuano twist. Food was great and surprisingly, prices were very reasonable. We just a paid about Php 1000 for an order of unlimited rice, pork sinigang, camaron rebosado, grilled squid, kinilaw and fruit shakes.

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(Travel Diary) Quick Cebu Getaway (Part 1)

Last July, my officemate Thea informed our office gang (which consists of me, Io, Shei, Sab, Thea, and Nico) that Cebu Pacific has promo flights going to Cebu. She booked herself a round trip and then asked us if we wanted to join her in Cebu. Of course we readily said yes! Php 1,200 for a roundtrip fare? Yeah baby. Yeah.

A memory worth relieving for.

Day 1

 After almost two months of waiting, September 24 finally came! Our flight for Cebu was at 6:30 PM so we were supposed to leave the office at 4:00 PM. I had to report for work at 7:01 AM so that I don’t have to commit an undertime! We arrived at the airport just on time and apart from the change in the departure gate and minor delay in the runway, our travel was very smooth.

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Solitary

I just came from a short trip so I am posting late again this week. Anyway, for the theme of SOLITARY, I am sharing two shots of my friends. I am not sure if they noticed  I took candid shots of them. I like these shots because the atmosphere of the pictures is so pensive.

Special shoutout to the birthday girl.


View from a car? A train? You guess.


Hope you enjoy them! 🙂