The Golden Hour

I feel bad for not posting new pictures for this week’s challenge again. However, when I saw the the phrase “the golden hour”, my mind did a happy jump because I’ve been dying for this opportunity to come up. I think I already mentioned in a separate post that I love sunrise and sunsets. I simply love the light during such hours and the magic it instantly bring to the subject of the photograph. Today, I am sharing several “golden hour” photos that I collected over the years. First up is a picture of two trees which I took while waiting for a cab in Subic:

Silhouette of trees in Subic.

Silhouette of trees in Subic.

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Silhouette

Late post again this week. I Just came back from an short trip so I am still recovering from all the whirlwind I’ve done the past three days. Anyway, this week’s theme ‘silhouette’ requires more technicalities than usual.  Here’s my share. This was taken in Bolinao, Pangasinan. Enjoy!

People and silhouettes.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Dreaming

When I went to Pangasinan earlier this year, I witnessed some of the most breathtaking scenes I’ve seen in my whole life . There were so many times I  told myself, “Men, I must be dreaming.”I kept thanking God allowing me a chance to see the world and for giving us a world that is so beautiful.

Philippines is truly blessed with natural resources. Its rich and diverse history also gave birth to contrasting sites and now my dream is to reach them. Might not be now but definitely one of these days. Happy dreaming! =)

Dreaming I can hold the sun in my palms.


Weekly Photo Challange: Blue

Blue, blue, blue. A glimpse of a boat in the middle of the blue South China Sea. This was taken from the viewing deck of Quezon Island in Alaminos, Pangasinan. =) Have a great day everyone!

(Travel Diary) Exploring Pangasinan: Part Two

Day 2: Bolinao, Pangasinan

A taste of the Bolinao sun.

For the second part of our Pangasinan trip, we went to Bolinao which is  just an hour away from Alaminos City if you’re traveling via a private vehicle.

I told my friends that by 9 AM we should already be at Villa Carolina Resort in Bolinao because we still have a day tour around the town. We agreed to wake up at 5:30 AM but as usual since I always experience “pamamahay” whenever I’m in a new place, I was already awake around 3:15 AM.  By 5:20 AM, I was already at the inn’s balcony waiting for the sunrise. It was worth the wait since I got this awesome view.

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(Travel Diary) Exploring Pangasinan: Part 1

As early as January this year, I was already on planning on a place where I could invite my high school friends for a quick getaway. Last year we went to Subic so for this year I wanted somewhere farther but still easily accessible by land. I settled for Pangasinan since it’s just 5-6 hours from Metro Manila but is still seeming of tourist spots.

Last Friday my planning finally came to fruition as I and six of my friends flanked our a**es of to Alaminos City and Bolinao, Pangasinan.

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Pangasinan, Here I Come!

Bolinao sunset. (credits to

Off to Pangasinan this weekend with my high school friends. We are going to see the rumored beauties Hundred Islands and Bolinao. We will be following this itinerary which I made months ago.

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