Pangasinan, Here I Come!

Bolinao sunset. (credits to

Off to Pangasinan this weekend with my high school friends. We are going to see the rumored beauties Hundred Islands and Bolinao. We will be following this itinerary which I made months ago.

11:00 PM Meet up at Cubao Victory Liner
12:00 AM ETD Cubao 370
5:00 AM ETA Alaminos
Tricycle to Lucap Wharf 100 25
5:30 AM Check in at transient house/hotel 3500/7 pax 500
Sleep/breakfast/ bath
8:00 AM Breakfast 75
Tour around Lucap wharf/ Buy lunch 75
Pay entrance fee to Hundred Island Park
Select Service Boat 1800/7 pax 257.1428571
9:30 AM ETD Hundred Islands
Island Hopping
12:30 PM Lunch
Islangd Hopping
4:00 PM Finish tour (may vary)
Pass by  Lighthouse at Lucap wharf
5:00 PM Freshen up at transient house
7:00 PM Dinner at Maxine by the Sea 100
8:00 PM Socials
10:00 PM Rest/Sleep time
TOTAL 1402.142857
6:00 AM Breakfast 50
7:30 AM Depart for Bolinao via aircon van 50
9:00 AM ETA Bolinao town proper
Tricycle to Villa Carolina Resort 25
9:30 AM Check-in at Resort 5500 room rent 785.7142857
10:30 AM Start Bolinao Tour 3000 for SUV rental good for 2 days 375
Tara Falls
Balingasay River 10
Bolinao Falls
12:30 PM LUNCH 75
1:30 AM Enchanted Cave 50
Wonderful Cave 40
Light house
Patar Beach (great sunset)
6:30 PM Back at Resort
7:00 PM Dinner 75
8:00 PM Night swimming/videoke
10:00 PM Rest
TOTAL 1535.714286
5:45 AM Sunrise
7:00 AM Breakfast 50
8 – 10:00 AM Swimming at Resort/ Tour around
10:30 AM Freshen up
11:15 AM Depart Resort 25
11:45 AM ETA Bolinao Proper
Lunch 75
12:30 PM Depart for Alaminos 50
1:30 PM ETA Alaminos 100
2:00 PM Depart for Manila 370
8:00 PM ETA Manila
GRAND TOTAL 3632.857143

Let’s see if everything will go according to the itinerary. I also want to drop by in Dagupan and Calasiao to buy the best puto in the Philippines!

Byers! See you next week. 🙂

These babies are waiting for me. 🙂 (credits to

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