Yesterday, after a very toxic day at work, I ran somewhere. I met up with a friend and we had a bowl of ramen for dinner. Because I was pretty much not myself anymore, I managed to spill a lot of sesame seeds in my ramen. Imagine what my tonkotsu ramen tasted like! It wasn’t very bad but it was definitely crunchy. Afterwards, we each bought a scoop of ice cream and walked around the streets talking about random things.

I told my friend, “This is possible, huh? Take a break in the middle  of the week and let some steam out?”. She nodded and replied with a smile.

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Surprises in Manila

I’ve been living in Metro Manila for almost 12 years now yet I realize there is still a lot I do not know about it especially its capital, Manila. It actually took an invite from a friend from Cebu to go out of my apartment on a rainy day and realize that…

…San Agustin Church has a very dramatic altar. I’ve passed this church several times but it was only yesterday that I sat inside the church for awhile and absorbed its altar’s beauty.


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Saturated with light, people, colors, noise and music. That is life.

This post is my entry to Daily Post’s Weekly Photo Challenge with the theme Saturated.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Lunchtime

I love this week’s challenge! Since I pretty much take pictures of everything I eat, this week’s theme is a easy as 1-2-3. The pictures I’m sharing were taken yesterday. It was the office’s 31st anniversary so we were at the Sofitel Philippine Plaza for the celebration. Of course, events mean food! There were a lot of dishes to choose from but nothings beats these two classic Filipino favorites:



Ube (yam) and keso (chesse) ice cream for dessert.

Ube (yam) and keso (cheese) ice cream for dessert.

For those who are not familiar with lechon, it is prepared by roasting a whole pig over charcoal. The pig is usually stuffed with several spices to give the meat some flavoring. One can find lechon in almost all corners of the Philippines but the best ones are definitely in Cebu. The crispy skin is a must cry especially when it is still hot.

On the other hand, the ube and keso (yam and cheese)  combination of ice cream is a favorite of Filipinos especially the kids. Branded ice cream are delicious but nothing will beat the experience of  buying dirty ice cream from a street vendor and eating  by the sidewalks under a hot scorching sun.

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A Day at MV Logos Hope

Last weekend, I and my high school friends went to visit the MV Logos Hope. The ship has been in Manilafor almost a month now but I haven’t been able to visit earlier due to my whirlwind schedule. Thankfully, I have friends who share my idiosyncrasies so five of us marched excitedly to Pier 15 in Manila.

My highschool buddies Nicole, Hubert, Cecille and Conney. The MV Logos Hope is at the background.

It was my first time going to Pier 15 and it was also my first seeing big cargo and passenger ships up close. MV Logos Hope is just like any ordinary ship only that it is converted into a bookstore.

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Manila Bound

Off to Manila tonight. What a short vacation. Anyway, I can’t wait to go back to UP and face some “lasts” in my undergrad life. ^^ Last enrollment. Last CRS. What else? Hehe. Off to face my last sem. T_T

I’m still very sleepy. I didn’t stay at the cemetery last night but I didn’t sleep properly. There are a lot of people in our house and they kept coming and going all night. O_O It’s my dad’s 4th death anniversary tomorrow. I miss him. T_T