Yesterday, after a very toxic day at work, I ran somewhere. I met up with a friend and we had a bowl of ramen for dinner. Because I was pretty much not myself anymore, I managed to spill a lot of sesame seeds in my ramen. Imagine what my tonkotsu ramen tasted like! It wasn’t very bad but it was definitely crunchy. Afterwards, we each bought a scoop of ice cream and walked around the streets talking about random things.

I told my friend, “This is possible, huh? Take a break in the middle  of the week and let some steam out?”. She nodded and replied with a smile.

On my way home, I had to wait for about 30 minutes before I was able to ride a jeepney. The travel to my apartment, a measly 13 km from where I came from, took another hour. While stuck in the South Luzon Expressway, I told myself life in Manila is already so toxic–both in terms of work and travel. I do not feel it everyday since I live very near my workplace. But yesterday, I was slapped with the reality most people experience on an everyday basis.

My thoughts on Manila’s toxicity was slowly drowned by my deliverables for work. As the jeepney moved slowly, deadlines crept in my head sucking whatever temporary relief I had.

But Thursday is another day, and so is Friday. Meeting a deliverable is one. Meeting an impossible deadline is another. The least they could do me is scold me.

And so Wednesday was another day, the 3rd of a rather long week.

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