(Review) 2NE1 – Lonely

Strings. This song is all about strings and I’m loving it. Lonely is an excellent addition to 2NE1’s growing resume. While many of us know that YG has the ability to produce a song of such quality and subtlety, the simple of use of stings still surprised me and it’s very refreshing to the ears. I already know 2NE1 can pull off mellow songs excellently: In the Club, It Hurts, Love is Ouch. But one aspect that made Lonely stand out is the absence of percussion instruments, synthesizers and minimal treatment of the vocals. Whoever composed and arranged the music, I so love you.

(Credits to YG Life)

I like how the music started with a simple guitar plucking then transitioned into strumming. It builds tension and anticipation for the chorus. The use of violin in the chorus made me grin from ear to ear. I love the music that violins create and I think violin music is one the most gorgeous sound you can infuse to a song. If you pay close detail to the song, at the part where Minzy and Bom sing “I’m so lonely…lonely..”, there are actually two violins playing. I loved it. They created a perfect harmonization. I wish 2NE1 can do the same.

 Vocal-wise, the song is very clean. Bom, Cl, Minzy nailed their respective parts. I kind of feel sorry for Dara because she was given minimal lines again and her voice was treated. It makes me wonder how the song would sound like if she was given at least a stanza of the bridge. Girl can sing though as not as powerful as the three. I wish YG gives her more part so she can prove herself and at the same time improve herself.  Anyway, Minzy has stepped up again and so has CL.  Double yay for Minzy getting major singing parts! CL can sing well but sometimes she sounds squeaky (as in It hurts) but I hardly noticed that fault in  this song anymore.

Another thing I noticed about thing song is how comfortably CL, Minzy and Bom can exchange parts. The transition from one singer is now cleaner compared to It Hurts. But what I loved the most is how you can still easily recognize who is singing. That is one the thing I love about 2NE1 members. Their voice is so distinguishable.

 Cl’s attempt to sing in a falsetto is also refreshing, though like Bom, she still needs to develop her technique as her falsetto sound so abrupt. In Filipino, we call that bitin. I also love the treatment of Bom’s voice here. It fits her so much. Ugh. I so love it. And she’s ad libbing again though in her lower range! Yey! I sincerely wish she learns to develop her vibrato.

Now, what I want to hear from 2NE1 is harmonization. They have already proven themselves individually. They each stand out on their own. BUT if we apply some analysis, the member rarely sings together. I want to know and hear how they will sound like when singing together.  I sincerely think it will help them become better singers either as a group or individually.


 Moving on to the MV, visually… it’s gorgeous. I like MV’s where singers don’t just sing or dance in a box. There are other people in the MV, there is movement, and there is a flow. I’m already fine with it. When it comes to MVs, Dara is the ace. She can easily translate the emotion needed for the song. CL and Minzy are so fierce looking that I don’t perceive them as lonely but rather as bitter. Bom is well Bom. She is pretty in the MV but she still lacks emotion on her face.

 Woooh! That was long. The length alone summarized how I love the song. Overall rating: 4.8/5. The singles 2NE1 are releasing lately are goooood. I can’t wait for next releases.

5 thoughts on “(Review) 2NE1 – Lonely

  1. I so much agree with your review. Much applause to you. I’ve been reading reviews from different sites and yours isn’t biased and it’s well thought of. The song is refreshing. 2NE1 brings something new to the table again. Members have proven themselves once more of their great vocals. But there’s the disappointment in the line distributions. I also wished they could have given Dara longer lines. The girl needs to showcased her improvements. I think she deserves more lines. Very nice review. Thank you!

  2. hello there! liked your review with 2ne1’s song. feel sorry for Dara too since I was also kind of expecting she’d get more parts in the song.

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