Jump Shots and Dreams

On my recent trip to Pangasinan, my friends and I literally took tons of jump shots. There’s something so awesome about them since they create an illusion of defying gravity. Here are some  of the shots we took (though some I already shared some of these in my previous posts):

Awesome, aren’t they? It’s as if at some point in time I am floating in midair, something that I am dreamed of for a very long time–experiencing the feeling of flying, of no no gravity holding me back, of having a bird’s eye view of the world I live in. Big and far off dreams. But hey as they, once can dream for free! =)

Happy Friday everyone!

Fontana: Dissected

Last weekend, I and extended cousins had the chance to spend the weekend at Fontana Leisure Spring and Casino courtesy of my cousin Ate Norie and her hubby Kuya Gary. Ate Norie, Ate Rhia, Kuya Gary and Kuya Mario went there first via car while Ate Diana, Kuya Ryan and I followed on Friday night. It was only my second time to go to Pampanga and it was my first time commuting on my way there.

Posing in front of the main lobby.

How to Get There

Going to Clark is relatively easy. We rode the Victory Liner bus bound for Dagupan and got off at the Dau-Mabalacat terminal. We left Manila at around 6:45 pm but we encountered heavy traffic along EDSA so we arrived at around 10 pm already.  Kuya Gary and Kuya Mario picked us up at the terminal. The ride to Fontana took another ten minutes.

If you don’t have a car, there are coasters that go in and out of Fontana, though I do not know how much they cost and if it should be pre-scheduled.

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ADIEU 2010: All in December

Ola! I just decided to wake my blog from its very long period of hibernation. Anyway, I’ll be posting several entries (hopefully) which are still 2010 related. I know they’re late but as they say ‘It’s better late than never.”

First on my list: Christmas happenings.  December was a bomb: 3 Christmas parties, 3 presentations, etc.  PCHRD had a cowboy-themed Christmas party and everybody looked fly. I had fun but I promised myself I don’t want to be a member of the program committee again! Haggard.

Cowboy RDMD people.

I joined the DOST Gut Talent as part of the DOST Christmas-wide party activity.  It was probably the most tiring and enjoyable two weeks of my 2010 life. We had to practice everyday but it was okay since I met awesome people. Can’t wait for our “celebration”.

Representing DOST West Sector. 😀

Also, after a year of haggardness, I was able to get a 10-day vacation in Bicol. Minus the awful weather, I had a blast!. These were some of the events/happenings that totally made me grin from ear to ear:

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Tick Tack

My LJ is rotting. Urgh. I am too lazy. Anyway, I have been here and there. Turned a year older last week. I also received a bachelor’s degree. That was the “most” uneventful weekend in my life. All the sleepless nights have finally paid off.

Now, here I am… a bum. Er, not literally because I still have my part-time work. I am enjoying my two-week stay in Bicol. By Saturday I’ll be back in Manila. Review classes will start on the 10th. Can’t wait. My hands are itching to touch a pen, write on a paper, and read a book. It’s been weeks since I’ve last done that.

And I should get a decent part-time job. Really.

Workless Vacation

It’s in my fifth day in Bicol and my activities have been so repetitive. Sleep late. Wake up Late. Eat. Watch TV. Watch DVD. Read books. Surf the Internet. Do my home-based part time job.

I was expecting piles of work since it’s vacation. Apparently, my employer doesn’t like working on Christmas vacation. So there. My deadlines are until today only. I am also expecting many e-mails from Dr. Carino but till  now she did not send anything. I was also thinking of doing my PI and Archaeo 2 papers but I forgot my notebooks in Manila. Stupid me. So these schoolworks will have to wait till I get back in Manila on the 5th. Argh. That would also mean cramming.

It’s cold and windy here. Brrrr. The best thing to do is be a bum. XD XD Merry Christmas everyone!

It’s Almost Here!

Brr. It’s cold. The wind coming inside our room is so cold. And so I can finally say, it’s almost Christmas.How do I say this? Di siya magsink sa utak ko. Yun. November  was so hot. It seldom rains. And I don’t feel “christmasy” at all.   For Filipinos, all the -ber months are part of Christmas. But now, you can’t see and feel that. Must be the effect of the recent economic recession. How sad. 

Anyway, I decided not to dwell on the sad plight of the country and world. I ought to give my life some “happy happy” mood. I started it with my desktop. <see picture> Nice huh? Got the wallpaper from kate.net.  And I just want to brag! I have he cleanest desktop in the world! Hahah! 
Moving forward… Home in 3 days. Yep. Oblation Run is tomorrow. Lantern parade on Wednesday. Ah oh. I haven’t seen any oblation run yet. Haha! And I have no plans. Besides, I have a class. 😛 Vacation is a bit long. Longer than the semestral break. O_O I’ll not be back in Manila until January 6! Yay! XD Urgh. I’m dreading January already. I should start to panic. Guess why. 
Anyway, that’s all for now. Some spur of the moment whatevers again. And oh.. I want to do some ukay shopping before I go home. XD XD