Workless Vacation

It’s in my fifth day in Bicol and my activities have been so repetitive. Sleep late. Wake up Late. Eat. Watch TV. Watch DVD. Read books. Surf the Internet. Do my home-based part time job.

I was expecting piles of work since it’s vacation. Apparently, my employer doesn’t like working on Christmas vacation. So there. My deadlines are until today only. I am also expecting many e-mails from Dr. Carino but till  now she did not send anything. I was also thinking of doing my PI and Archaeo 2 papers but I forgot my notebooks in Manila. Stupid me. So these schoolworks will have to wait till I get back in Manila on the 5th. Argh. That would also mean cramming.

It’s cold and windy here. Brrrr. The best thing to do is be a bum. XD XD Merry Christmas everyone!

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