To the Most Selfless Woman I Know…

To  the most selfless woman I know,

I know you are extremely intelligent and talented. You could have been successful way beyond what you imagined. However, you gave up your job when you were at your peak and chose to take care of us. You were and still with us 24/7.  While growing up, you were strict with us. You never allowed Papa to give us something just because we want it.  However, you never made us feel that we lack anything. This is why until now, we never feel insecure or bothered by the lack of some material things.

We always have your support. You never insisted on doing things your way. In every decision, you silently watch how we would traverse  the path we chose. If we succeed, you are the first in line to acknowledge our achievement. Even in failure, you never made us feel that we are less than what we used to be. Despite our differences, you never made us feel that you favor one over the other. You emphasized our differences and how we should not be judged according to that.

I never understood your brand of kindness. How are you able to help others when you are also in dire need? How can you still trust people when they have fooled you repeatedly? How can you rely with just words of honor as your insurance? It’s still beyond my understanding but I know it’s because you are selfless. I know that you will always put other people’s sake above your own. You never hesitate to that point that I sometimes wish you could have been more selfish.

We have almost lost you several times. At one point, it was so severe I thought I would lost both of my parents.  You became someone I hardly know. I was so afraid we would not get you back but thankfully we did. When Papa died, I thought we’d lose you again but surprisingly, you were so strong.  Until now, I am amazed how you managed to handle us and our finances so efficiently. We had some serious difficulties in the past eight years but I never felt even once that we were so close to hitting the ground.

Through you I learned that life is a constant struggle. However, it does not mean that we should  not look at it optimistically and thankfully. Likewise, I learned through you that there is a kind of love that is not destructive. Love does equate to material things. Love does not equate to the amount of money you bring in to your family. I learned that a functional family is one that openly communicates, trust each other and  respects each other’s decision.

Another year has passed and both of us are certainly not getting any younger. I pray that God would still give us  a lot of time because I still plan on taking you to different places. It’s only this year that we are finally getting back on track. Hopefully and even slowly, I, Miko and RB can finally give you the lighter kind of life you deserve.

To  the most selfless woman I know, Mama, happy birthday.


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