ADIEU 2010: All in December

Ola! I just decided to wake my blog from its very long period of hibernation. Anyway, I’ll be posting several entries (hopefully) which are still 2010 related. I know they’re late but as they say ‘It’s better late than never.”

First on my list: Christmas happenings.  December was a bomb: 3 Christmas parties, 3 presentations, etc.  PCHRD had a cowboy-themed Christmas party and everybody looked fly. I had fun but I promised myself I don’t want to be a member of the program committee again! Haggard.

Cowboy RDMD people.

I joined the DOST Gut Talent as part of the DOST Christmas-wide party activity.  It was probably the most tiring and enjoyable two weeks of my 2010 life. We had to practice everyday but it was okay since I met awesome people. Can’t wait for our “celebration”.

Representing DOST West Sector. 😀

Also, after a year of haggardness, I was able to get a 10-day vacation in Bicol. Minus the awful weather, I had a blast!. These were some of the events/happenings that totally made me grin from ear to ear:

1. Meet my baby cousin Keizah. The last time I saw her was on May 2010 and she was just a week-old then. Now, she’s seven months old and is about to walk! Ehr. Since I seldom go home, maybe the next time I see her she can already talk and walk.  Random thought: We have a 20-year age gap. By the time she’s 20, I’m already 40. >_>


2. Elementary batch gathering. AWESOME. Yeah. I haven’t seen these people for nine years! Yes. NINE YEARS. The last time I saw them was during our elementary graduation. How did it turn out that way? Well… Basically, Iriga never saw me since I was 12 years old. LOL. Too bad there were only about 15 of us (two females and the rest were males) but I still enjoyed a lot. It was fun reminiscing who’s who and what happened to everybody. They also picked at me a lot because I literally underwent growth spurt. 😀 I hope there is a next time especially this year since it will be 10 years since we graduated.

Nine years "no-see". (Pic c/o Kevin Moran)

3. HS batch  gathering. If you happen to know my high school history, this is not a surprising news. We meet sporadically. However, I haven’t attended any gathering since February 2010 so I really missed them a lot. I think I already mentioned this several times. I feel closest and most comfortable with these people. I may have known my elementary batchmates for almost 12 years already but the people whom I  call friends and buddies for all sake are from my HS batchmates. With them, I can be nerd without thinking I’m going to sound so-out-of-this-world because most of us happen to exist at the same wavelength. 😀

Grown-ups? (Pic c/o Oro Rejuso)

4. Ate Norie’s wedding. I am not fan of such events because it requires me to put effort on how I look but what makes it worthwhile is the look of happiness in everyone’s face. I am always amazed at how much a wedding can move even the most uptight person. Maybe the feeling comes from the thought of having to let go of someone and being with another important person for the rest of your life. Parent and child POV applicable. 😀  Congrats Ate Norie and Kuya Gary. Hope I will have nieces or nephews soon. 😉

Bliss. (Pic c/o Ate Diane Malazarte)

That’s it for Part I. Hmm. I wonder what I’ll write for the next part.

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