Fight or Flight

When people ask me these days what I fear the most, my answer would always be “to belatedly realize that I have already become part of the system I abhor”. In the Filipino language, it’s better known as “nilamon na ng sistema”.

It’s not only me who have this fear. After meeting with high school and college friends lately, I realized most of us have this fear or worry. Our common denominator is we are all in our late 20s or early 30s, struggling to climb our respective career ladders and general “in between” either in our respective communities and workplaces.

We are certainly in a very interesting period of our life. We have enough experience to know what is good, what works and what changes are needed, but may not be in the position yet to be the one to implement the change. Depending on one’s environment and support system, these can result to either motivation or frustration. Hence, for me, these days are largely a test of character and patience.

A call of character would mean choosing to do what is right and proper, and disagreeing and calling out incorrect processes or actions. A call of patience would mean stretching your understanding even if people and the happenings around you do not seem to make  sense anymore. But then there’s always the lingering question of “until when”? If you chose to fight, you have to endure or get out. If you choose flight, one day you will realize… you’ve already become part of the system you abhor.

2 thoughts on “Fight or Flight

  1. I think in order to survive we will have to be a part of this system we all despise. Because by being part of that system, it’s then that we survive. I guess it’s all give and take – we give what we can in order to survive, and take the good things that come our way. So it might not be that bad after all 🙂

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