Surprises in Manila

I’ve been living in Metro Manila for almost 12 years now yet I realize there is still a lot I do not know about it especially its capital, Manila. It actually took an invite from a friend from Cebu to go out of my apartment on a rainy day and realize that…

…San Agustin Church has a very dramatic altar. I’ve passed this church several times but it was only yesterday that I sat inside the church for awhile and absorbed its altar’s beauty.


…the church also has an adjacent museum that houses beautiful hallways and structures that could double as shooting location for Harry Potter films.


…somewhere in its walls lies the remains of Juan Luna.  I could not fathom how he was able to create all his masterpieces despite his very short life.


…that the egg tart that is my bucket list in case I find myself in Macau is found in the small and crowded streets of Binondo.

…and that there are wonderful experiences left and right. We do not need to go far. 😉

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