2 thoughts on “The Big Bang Experience

  1. WAAAAAA! OMG! You’re sooo luckyyy! A lot of my friends wanted to watch it but wasn’t able to do so. Did someone really throw a bra at Top? He should’ve kept it. HAHAHA. Filipinos are really very welcoming and enthusiastic in concerts. No wonder a lot of artists like to perform and come back here. 🙂

    I heard SNSD is going to have a concert here too. This January, I think.

    • Rather than luck I think it was fate. 😉 the concert was super awesome thouh I was disappointed that someone threw a bra. Hehe. And yep,snsd and other groups will be here in January though I will not watch. I’m not a fan and I am severely YG-biased. 🙂

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