A Day at MV Logos Hope

Last weekend, I and my high school friends went to visit the MV Logos Hope. The ship has been in Manilafor almost a month now but I haven’t been able to visit earlier due to my whirlwind schedule. Thankfully, I have friends who share my idiosyncrasies so five of us marched excitedly to Pier 15 in Manila.

My highschool buddies Nicole, Hubert, Cecille and Conney. The MV Logos Hope is at the background.

It was my first time going to Pier 15 and it was also my first seeing big cargo and passenger ships up close. MV Logos Hope is just like any ordinary ship only that it is converted into a bookstore.

The Superferry sitting beside the Logos Hope.

There were a lot of people on that day but thankfully the turnover of people was also fast. Before proceeding to the bookstore proper, we attended a short orientation. I learned that proceeds from the bookstore go to the charities that MV Logos Hope support. Good cause.

My friends checking out the gallery.

The view from the entrance of the bookstore.

The bookstore had a large collection bur there weren’t really any book that interested me. However, since it’s not often that I get the chance to see a floating bookstore, I got myself two novels for Php 450. Not bad, huh? We also passed by the international café and got ourselves ice cream. They have the most humongous serving ever! Sadly, I didn’t get to enjoy the atmosphere of the café so much because of the number of people.

The International Cafe.

There weren’t much to see in the ship apart from the books so we decided to proceed to Music in 88 in Bluewave. Before boarding a cab, we were blessed by this beautiful sight:

I am so in love with the Philippine skyline. 🙂

Last minute shot with Conney.

In Music 88, we rocked our hearts out but I wasn’t able to make Cecille and Hubert sing! I should add that to my 2012 bucket list.

Singing like a bunch of drunkards. (Don't worry, we are not drunkards!)

All in all, it was a good day. MV Logos Hope turned out to be less impressive that I thought but one thing I learned from my recent expeditions is that I should never let that I may be only able to stand in that place  once in my lifetime.

I wonder if I'll ever to see a floating bookstore again. =)

8 thoughts on “A Day at MV Logos Hope

  1. I went with my family on their second-to-the-last-day they were open to the Public. We had fun, too. They make regular trips to the Philippines but not frequently, as far as I know. Thanks for sharing this.

    Best regards,

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