(Food Trip) Hunky Burgers of Dong Juan

For every travel, I usually write a travel diary but I seldom write anything about new restaurants that I and my friends discover. I am not really a foodie but since I have friends who are, then I also became a foodie by default. So I decided to feature some of the restaurants that I’ve been to and share my eating experience. I’ll start with the restaurant we tried out when we went to Cebu: Dong Juan.

Dong Juan offers all the fast food we love from burgers, fries, pasta and pizza but with a different twist. Everything has been upscaled that one would thought it’s almost a fine dining restaurant. There are a lot of goodies on their menu but of course I did not want to miss out their famous burger so I ordered a cheeseburger (~Php 200)  for myself. Didn’t knew it would be big as this:


And this.

The burger was greaaaaaaat. One of the best I had in my entire life. The patty had the right juiciness and the cheese did a good job of enriching the Dong Juan burger experience. The burger was also so huge that I had to cut it into four so I could bite properly. I wouldn’t mind ordering another one if someone can tell me if there’s a Dong Juan branch here in Manila.

Apart from the burger, I and friends also ordered mozzarella sticks (~Php 175-200). Presentation was also visually very pleasing.

Dong Juan’s mozzarella sticks.

They were great at first try but the oiliness can overtake you. In Filipino term, it’s “nakakaumay“.  I couldn’t even finish my third piece. Another thing that caught my interest was the glasses where the drinks were served. They were very UNIQUE.


Water bottle.

Despite my disappointment for the mozzarella sticks, it was still a great dining experience.Before, I never entertained the idea of trying out new restaurants and food. I’m the “stick to what I like” type but recently because of successive dine-outs, I’m starting to appreciate the new experiences. There is really truth in the saying, “you will never know unless you try”. If only I was the lanky type who doesn’t get fat I’d probably try more restaurants. Sadly, I have a slow metabolism. Nonetheless, I am now more willing try new food. I’ll just think of a way to burn the calories later. Ha! =)

Next time you are around Cebu and you are craving for burger and fries but wants something different from the usual Mcdo or Jollibee stuff, drop by Dong Juan at the Mango Square in Cebu City proper. You will certainly enjoy your food in this restaurant with a very relaxing and Filipino ambiance. Happy eating!

2 thoughts on “(Food Trip) Hunky Burgers of Dong Juan

  1. hello melissa, actually we recently opened our first branch in Manila. Its located at presidents ave. Tahanan village sucat. I hope you can go visit our branch there. Thanks and more power!!!

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