It’s That Time of Year!

Woah! No update for almost a month! Before anything else, let me greet everyone a belated Merry, merry Christmas! How was your Christmas? Mine was rainy, quiet and simple but nonetheless still happy as I expect it to be.

December is always one of my busiest months as explained by my perennial inability to update frequently in the said month.  The year-end requirements at work, the Christmas parties that need to be attended, the gifts that should be wrapped, the reunions that require our attendance… Whew! It’s a miracle how we manage to come out alive out this super hectic month.

So… here’s a rundown of what I’ve been up to this past month: parties, reunions, gatherings and of course more parties! Be prepared for a parade of pictures!

A simple merienda and videoke session for our division's party.

This year's theme for the office Christmas party was rock.

Awesome office barkada. 🙂

We held a tribute for an officemate who was retiring. It was very touching.

Being the fun-loving people that we are, we had a round two at a family KTV place.

My 2011 in the office ended with the DOST Christmas party where the DOST Gut Talent and Lantern Parade is held annually.

I went home to Bicol last December 22 for my ten-day vacation and surprise, surprise! More reunions and parties!

The Bulao family never gets tired of this. Uh uh.

So, were your December as busy as mine? I hope it was! Nonetheless, I hope we didn’t forget what Christmas was all about. Despite all the parties and eating, I hope we remembered the season is still all about Him and the love we are capable of giving.

Happy Holidays everyone! =)

See you at my year-end posts! 🙂

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