Weekly Photo Challenge: Changing Seasons

There is no such thing as  literal “Changing Seasons” in the Philippines. You either get a sunny day or a rainy day. Nowadays with the climate change, one can’t even predict whether summer is going to be in April or in December, or if typhoons will come in June or November.

Likewise, we don’t have defined seasons that is associated with holidays except maybe for one… Christmas. As the country known to have the longest Christmas celebration, my thinking about a year sometimes boils down to this: it’s not yet Christmas or it’s Christmas already.


I’m one of those who’s always giddy when Christmas is coming up. Despite all the chaos during this time of the year, there’s something about the season that makes me feel fluffy, carefree and happy. So, Christmas, to me is one the most awaited change of season. 🙂

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