(Review) 2NE1- Hate You

You saw this coming. Or maybe not. I was debating on whether I should post a review of the song but since I already reviewed the initial releases for 2NE1’s 2nd mini album, I might as well go until the end.

When I heard the teaser for Hate You I was excited because the chorus was upbeat, funky and less eccentric then I am the Best. However, when I heard the whole song, I was a bit disappointed. The melody is very repetitive and it’s again very CL-centered. I have to say sorry to CL fans but I don’ think she already has the capability to make an entire chorus interesting. I agree that out of the four members, she has the most versatile voice, but her voice doesn’t have the timbre of Bom or Minzy’s that can make a chorus more soothing to the ears. It also doesn’t help that she sounds “squeaky” again, something I haven’t observed since Lonely and I am the Best.

2NE1's alter ego. (Credits to YG)

Lyrics wise, I have no qualms. It’s pretty decent. However, the great impact which it could deliver was diminished by the very melody of the song. As I have mentioned earlier, it’s very repetitive and monotonous. For once, YG did not compose a “pleasing” loop. The bridge could have been a perfect way to infuse a gorgeous climax to song in the form of Bom’s line just before the last chorus but it was cut short.

Moving on the MV, it’s the first animated MV from 2NE1. I won’t talk much about since I am not fan and I was pretty much lost during the entire MV.


Overall, Hate You is still a more solid song compared to what we hear from most idols. However, compared to other 2NE1 singles, it falls flat. I am giving it a 3.8/5.  I am hoping Ugly will be much better than I am the Best and Hate You since it’s the title track and live to the glory of Lonely and the 1st mini album.

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