(Review) 2NE1 – I am the Best

I had a dilemma on whether I should review 2NE1’s new single I am the Best. You see, it took me more time then usual to digest the song. If it weren’t for the awesome SBS Inkigayo live performance, it would probably take days before I listen to the song again.

(Credits to YGLife blog)

I chose to review the song after the live performance video and MV came out because I was hoping they would change my perception of the song. Thankfully, they did. Now, I’ll talk about the song first. The moment I heard the intro, I knew it would be something of the likes of Can’t Nobody: hectic and very electronic. Thankfully, Teddy chose to minimize the use of autotune this time. Like I said in my previous reviews, 2NE1 can sound hip hop or electronic even without the use of autotune. The music itself is already infused with electronic sounds that the vocals should not be treated anymore.

I had no qualms with all the instruments infused in this song. They are needed to build the atmosphere that the song was trying to establish: energetic, funky, and edgy. Vocal wise, 2NE1 also delivered. Parts were interchanged comfortably. The recorded version did not sound boring.

Sadly, the downside of the song is its structure and lyrics. The lyrics are catchy but when you analyze it carefully, they are just a bunch of repeating phrases. This also translated to the melody. The song lacks a decent chorus and bridge. Sadly again, one of the things I hate about a song is using a single phrase for the entire chorus. For that, it’s worse than Can’t Nobody and I’m Busy. Note that I’m Busy is currently my least favorite 2NE1 song.

My salvation came in the form of the live performance. It was so… explosive. I was almost on the verge of forgiving Teddy for giving 2NE1 this song. What I like about 2NE1 is they can make ridiculous sounding songs look like a piece of cake onstage and they did it again with I am the Best. They are my bias but I am honest in saying I don’t feel the energy and honesty I feel from their performances in other groups. I also love how the live stage showcased their dancing abilities. Too bad Dara and Bom looked like Minzy and CL’s backup dancers at certain points. The maknaes will go far. As in far.

Moving on to the MV… it was all about style. Hands down. BUT I was not impressed. I don’t know why. Somehow, I had the feeling they were so up there in their pedestal that I can’t reach them. I preferred the approachability of Clap Your Hands MV. Hmmm. Maybe it’s also because I not am fan of the “group in the box” concept for MVs.

There you have it. So how will I rate it? Hmmm. I’d give it a 3.9/5.

2 thoughts on “(Review) 2NE1 – I am the Best

  1. I admire your dedication to the group of 2NE1 and not to mention of course your courage to conceptualize the lyrics of the song which is very hard if that is not your language.


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