What’s Up Boob Tube?

Since I can barely keep up with my watching list, I decided to list them now in a update/review manner. First stop: English and American Shows.

1. NCIS Season 8

The episode on Saturday on Fox Philippines marks the finale of the 8th season. I’m excited to know how Gibb’s team will solve and port-to-port killer case and if EJ will manage to escape the killer. Season 8 was quite boring for me. It lacked the thrill of having a dilemma that runs throughout the entire season, something I found entertaining in the past seasons. Nonetheless, I still enjoyed season 8. As always, the show has a detailed logic to back its storyline. It also has an essence of “humanity”, an aspect I can’t find in most CSI shows.

Scary. (from screenrant.com)

2. Got to Dance UK 2

Ah. I feel such joy in watching breathtaking performances. This is one of the very few shows which can initiate me to cry. Yes, I do cry. The amount of talent displayed on the 2nd season was much much impressive than the first season. I wanted Two’s Company to win but Chris and Wez was not a bad choice. Technique wise, the girls of Two’ Company surpassed everyone else on the finals, but performance wise, Kris and Wez was a shoo-in for the crown. It also doesn’t hurt that they’re also very talented.

Moving on to Korean shows… Honestly, I watch more Korean shows than English and Filipino shows combined. Anyway, here goes my list:


1. We Got Married

Oh, Nichkhun and Victoria, just date/marry in real life already. The recent episodes are getting shorter and shorter with the addition of the Kwon Ri Sae and David Oh couple but Khuntoria easily trumps the other couples when it comes to sweetness, skinship, cheesiness, etc. WGM team certainly scored a jackpot when they casted these two. They are one of the most natural couples I’ve ever seen on the show. Whether the interactions are for reel or real, one can’t deny that Khuntoria has explosive chemistry. They’ve been on the show for more than a year now and I think I am not the only one who’s worried that they might leave anytime soon. However, I realized that WGM can’t afford to lose them yet since the newer couples do not have a solid fanbase yet. I will be so happy if they stay on the show for at least another six months.

Check out their wedding photoshoot:

Cr: CAJangYui2 @ Youtube

2. Immortal Song 2

I won’t forget the day when I decided to watch IS 2. I’ve been a loyal viewer ever since. While I am not a fan of the idols casted on the show, I like the fact that IS 2 presents a rare opportunity for them to showcase their talents. I already knew that Jong Hyun, Ye Sung, Chang Min, IU, Yo Seob, Hong Ki, and Ji Eun are more than your average idol singers but I didn’t know that Hyo Rin, G.O., and (recently) Ji Yoon are awesome singers. I was most surprised with Hyo Rin. She’s such an underrated talent. I hope through this show, they will gain the recognition they rightfully earn as singers and not just as idol group members.

I love this performance of Hyo Rin:

I was thinking of listing more variety shows (Running Man, Strong Heart, Infinity Challenge, etc) but since I am not updated with most of the shows, I’ll stop with WGM and IS 2. Let’s move on to dramas!

1. Ms. Ripley

Oh Miri, you certainly know how to dig your own grave. I can’t wait to see how you are going to handle the storm that is about to hit you. I like Yoo Hyun’s change of heart but I don’t get it why Kdramas always associate character change to make over. I’m also not buying the Lee Hwa – Miri relationship. Yes, the storyline is decent but I think there are way too much coincidences.

2. City Hunter

Aww… Daddy and son is on all-out war now. I wonder how the story will proceed now that Yoon Sung’s alter ego is almost on the verge of being discovered by the whole world. I am also interested to see how Nana will pull Yoon Sung from succumbing into step dad’s world of revenge.

Die. (caps from dramabeans.com)

3. Heartstrings

The show is off to a so-so start. It could certainly do more with its actors’ abilities. While I get it that this is certainly no Dream High, I do think that the show have focused too much on the love story aspect rather on the music aspect. I’m having a hard time processing what the dilemma is. Anyway, it’s still in its early stages. I’m giving it a chance.

And the list goes on. Whew. I’m also watching Romance Town and Baby Faced Beauty and I’m still not done with Thorn Birds and Lie to Me. Oh… the life of an addict. Care to spill your addictions?

Until next time, Ciao!

(from krystalcampbellart.blogspot.com)

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