Pete Failed Me. Trinoma Splurge. YM.

Pete is my laptop, and yes, he failed me.

This afternoon, while I was preparing to study for my Envi Sci 1 exam, Pete’s screen went blank.
I went  “oH oh”. I restarted  my laptop. Nothing happened. I restarted it again. Luckily it went to almost normal. Pete was so slow. Grrr. I panicked for it was a bad sign. I immediately transferred my files to blank CD’s. Then decision time… to reformat or not to reformat? Waaah. Pete.. T_T Must be the effect of excessive downloading, memory abuse, ang program harassment. The brutal decision: reformat. Thank God I have a complete set of OS and driver installers. Now, Pete is normal again. The sad part, I’ll have to reinstall the pink skin in my Firefox, and I lost all my bookmarks.

Another discovery. Since i reformatted Pete, I had to reinstall YM. I tried installing YM for Vista. Hahaha. It’s cool. Changing the color of the skin is now easier though it’ sad because there’s no pink. Boo! The interfaces aren’t also that bad.

Went on shopping splurge sa Trinoma, but I didn’t spend any money. Thanks to my ever galant Uncle Francis and Tita Cel. We met around 5 pm for they are leaving for Dubai tomorrow. Ate good food at Manhan. Bought sandals, bag, and two blouses. ^^ Haha, as if the jacket, blouse, heels, bag, shirt, shades, and doll shoes I bought the past two weeks aren’t enough to fit my ever “turning small” cabinet.

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