Vending Machines and Free Toki

Right now my mental state can be described as “bangag”. Must be the effect of drinking three cups of coffee in a span of an hour. Did this while waiting for eloi’s test results at the Capitol Medical Center. Made me realize some stuff:

1. For PhP 10, the coffee there was way better than the coffee at McDonalds.
2. When you want to stay late and study, go that hospital. haha! Aircon na.. mura pa coffee.

Thanks to the coffee, I was staring at the ceiling the whole night.

Anyway, other stuff…thank God I got good marks in the Biochem exam.
And another random observation. On my way back to the dorm after my Envi Sci class, two people in nursing uniforms rode the TOKI jeepney I was also in. The other seemed so amazed. He then said, “Astig may mga free ride pala dito”. The other one answered, “Oo nga. Binabayaran na ng UP.”

Funny. I was laughing silently. It still amazes me everytime someone gets “nali” over an IKOT jeep or a free ride.

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