Domesticated Dogs and Laptops are Blessings

I thank anyone out there for the day that dogs evolved from being wild to domesticated. Imagine if some dog would just attack me. I  love dogs, but  woudn’t mind kicking a dog who dares a attack me. Weird thought. This just occured to me earlier while I was walking near the shopping center and a crazy-looking dog passed by. Poor dog. It got judged by the way it looks.

On the other hand, it was rather a good day. I’m done with my report in Chem 196. I think it went okay. And Beskid, yes, thank you for that question. Just as you said, Ma’am Espino praised me beacuse of that question.Hmm.. I should think of a question that would return the favor to you. 😛

I should be actually studying for my Envi Sci 1 exam, but while was taking down notes, something occurred to me again.  I realized there is more in my laptop than just being my constant source of entertainment. If all the books in the world would have an ebook version, I can save a lot of money. I’ll just download it and pronto.. I have an electronic copy. Yet again, maybe at a young age my eyesight would become very bad due to radiation. Also, I’ll have osteoporosis due to poor posture.

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