I Speak My Mind

I speak my mind. There have been instances, too many in fact, that this habit has been frowned upon. I have been told “why do you ask so many questions?”, “why can’t you just accept the instructions?”, “why must you raise those concerns?”. And every time I am told these questions, I ask myself, “why can’t I?”.

I cannot help it. I was raised by strong women. I grew up in a family where the opinion of the women are equally considered in decision making. My grandparents and parents, especially my maternal grandmother and mother, encouraged curiosity. As a kid, they never shot down my questions. They were always patient in answering them. They would engage me in random debates even in the most mundane topics such as why do majorettes wear long sleeves when practicing under the sun. Growing up, my parents never imposed their choices on me. They asked what I preferred, allowed me to make my own decisions, and be responsible for them.

I cannot help it. I was educated in institutions that encourage critical thinking. An education heavy in Science, coupled with Pisay and UP’s environments and culture, trained me to never accept things at face value. We were taught to be curious, how to be curious, why we should be curious and what to do out of those curiosities. More importantly, we were ingrained with the expectation that we should do something good and relevant out of what we know and learned.

I cannot help it. My personality simply can’t. I cannot turn a blind eye to a faulty tool or process that I know can be improved. I cannot simply shut up in a situation that puts me or my peers in a disadvantage. I will clarify if an instruction or expectation is not clear. I will ask when I know something is not meant for me.

I never viewed asking or being curious as equivalent to not believing or doubting. But rather, I view it as tool to understand expectations better, to clarify motivations and reasons, and to appreciate differences in perspectives. I have been told often that I am just wasting time and effort. But if such effort translates to a probability of making a difference, it still a waste?

I speak my mind and I am not ashamed of it.

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