It’s 4 am. I got thirsty. I stood up to get a glass of water. I then went to the bathroom. The water in the pail was about to spill. The faucet was not closed properly.

I stare at the clear water. I thought…how lucky am I that despite the pandemic and the lockdown for 2.5 months now, access to clean water was never an issue.

But how about the rest of Manila? How about the rest of the world? How about those who were already deprived in life even before all this chaos occurred?

More thoughts crossed my mind. In 20 or 30 years, how much would the world have changed? Can the underground fresh water be replenished at a rate faster that humans use it? Will kids in the future still get to enjoy the beautiful world I saw? And if, but hopefully not, a pandemic happened again, would we be more prepared? Would I still see clear water trickle from the faucet?

Those of us who are privileged, what selfish beings we are.

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