Added to My Vocabulary

I have always been a paranoid. Hmm.. and I will always be. This habit of mine helped though a lot from deadlines to suspicious people… everything! Now I realized I need to lessen this habit. It puts me in a great hell of depression. Example of my ever weird worries:

1. All people turn into snatchers and rapists after 6 pm. 
2. All food are dangerous. 
3. All people have weird intentions. I can never trust anyone.
Yup. Pathetic, isn’t it? I am starting to learn slowly. Just like how my mother slapped me years ago with the fact that “sorry” isn’t in my vocabulary. Now, I am starting to trust.. to be patient. To believe a bit more. I should give others their chances. I should return the trust and chance that other people bestowed upon me. 

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