(Review) Etude House Bubble Hair Coloring in Wine Red

Seven (7) months ago, I posted about how I dyed my hair with Etude’s House Bubble Hair Coloring in natural brown. You can read about that post  here.  Guess what? I dyed my hair again but this time in wine red. It’s been actually almost a month now since I dyed my hair but I just remembered to write the review now after I chanced upon the pictures I took while arranging my files.


I was hesitant at first to try the wine red color since my head could turn into a ball of fire but I realized I will never know unless I try. So here it goes… Again, pardon the vanity. As usual, the box contained the pump bottle containing a purplish solution, two sachets (one  was the condition treatments), gloves, cape and cap.


Last time I left the bubbles in my hair for more than hour because I really wanted a brown color. This time, I only let it stayed for about 45 minutes because I didn’t want a very bright red. So without further do, here’s my before and after look.




As seen from the “before” picture, while the rest og my hair still has the natural brown shade, the black roots were starting to show. One thing I’d for an affordable and DIY hair dye, it’s pretty amazing how the color lasted for almost six months. Here’s how my hair look liked after applying the wine red hair color.


It actually did it’s job! Under artificial lighting, the color seemed auburn but under the sunlight it was actually red! The coverage was also good. A bottle was too much for my shoulder length hair.  I now wished I let it stayed in hair for more than hair so the color would have been really red even under artificial lighting. Now, a month after I applied the hair coloring the bright red color is already gone. My hair just retained the auburn color.

In summary, it was another wonderful experience using Etude’s Hair Bubble Coloring. As I’ve said in my first review, it’s so easy to apply, it doesn’t burn my scalp, and the free conditioning treatment leaves me worry free of having a colored but dull hair. I have yet to try the three other variants (orange, dark brown and black) but I’ll probably rest my hair after the last application. 10/10 marks for you Etude!

7 thoughts on “(Review) Etude House Bubble Hair Coloring in Wine Red

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    • Depends on how often you cut hair. I usually have my hair trimmed every month so mine lasts for only about 6 months. Right now, it’s been 4 months since I dyed my hair. It is still has the auburn color but the black roots are already showing.

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