A Funny Memory and A Stupid Move

The Funny Memory.

Last Saturday, some relatives of mine arrived from Canada. So, we decided to meet last Sunday. Anyway, we met up at Shangri La Plaze and ate our lunch at the Krokodile Grill. While waiting for our food do arrive, Ajon (he’s 11 years old, I think), made a weird face while looking at the menu. He then asked his dad, “Dad, what’s an orgasm?”. Turns out there was an “orgasm drink” in the menu.

My uncle was then laughing out loud. He said, “Ask Ate Melissa.” I went on panic. What am  I supposed to say to an 11-year old child?  Aya (she’s 15), then became curious too and asked me what was going on. I said Ajon’s asking what’s an orgasm. Then I laughed. I thought she knew. Then she said she doesn’t know either. She also asked what it is. I went, oh my… oh my.  I was surrounded by kids asking me what an orgasm is. I just said, “Ask me again when you’re 18. For now, it is a drink, as the menu says.”

After that I thought… Aya does’t know? When I was her age, I already knew “that”. Maybe because I do a lot of reading… biology books, novels, and having a lot of older male cousins helps.

The Stupid Move.

Last night, I was supposed to study for my Chem 112 exam. I decided I’m going to sleep around 2 am. Around 11 pm I was already sleepy. I decided, I’m going to turn off my laptop, close may book, and study the following day. So, that was what I did. Then, this morning, when I was about to turn on laptop, I noticed it was on hibernate mode. Crap. I left it on hibernate mode for almost 10 hours.

So, that’s it. Share. Hehe. I’m just running away from my horrible exam for a few minutes. ^^

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