A Weird Choice of Layout

Don’t argue with me. It’s weird. Not the pink color… I like pink for uhmm… most of my life, i think. Hahaha… though it’s a bit of contrast to my personality.

Anyway, I am not so feeling good right now… both in health and academic terms. I haven’t accomplished anything good right now. First exam in chem 112 was a mess. I keep finding excuses not to do my FR in chem 112.1. I  actually have this list of “stuffs to do” and I was surprised that I need to accomplish a lot of things. Arrghh.. next week will be very busy. Grad pics on MOnday..Chem 196 report on Aug 4.. Crap. I haven’t read the journals related to my topic… Still have no abstract to post. Chem 146.1 exam on the 9th… Grrr. Three FR’s  for Chem 112.1.

Makes me think. Pupunta pa ba ako ng LB? There’s a high chance Eloi will not be going coz she’s sick. Arggh. Again. Arghh. Mabubuang na naman ako. Relatives are leaving for canada and Dubai on the weekend… THey want me to meet up with them before they go. O_O How do I split my body into three?

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