Almost There

Hello world. Yes.. I’m still alive. OJT was finished a long long time ago. I was just too lazy to update my blog. Anyway, to summarize what happened in my life:

*Arggh. My adviser didn’t gave me a 1.00 in my OJT. Anyway, she gave me a 1.25. 😛

*A week of vacation in Bicol. My grandmother was hospitalized, so it wasn’t a very enjoyable stay.
*I had a very smooth enrollment. Got all my subjects on the first day, hmmm.. June 2 if I remembered it correctly.

*Today was the third day of school. I already have a pending paper, a problem set and a graded recitation. I am expecting two formal reports for next next week since we will already be starting with our experiments next week.

*Nostalgic. That’s the word that best describes everything about me now. A senior.. knowing a lot of people in UP…realizing I have been here for almost four years now…seeing a friend I haven’t seen for two years…about to see a friend I haven’t seen for three years problems… achievements… problems… disappointments…responsibilities.

* Haha. This school year I have the internet cable all for myself. So I think there’s no reason me for me not to update frequently… unless I’ll be spending the night in one of Chem’s laboratories. I came across a friend’s blogs, and it made me realize how narcissistic I am. There a are lot of stuff in this world and all I talk about is myself. Maybe I should start spilling my oh-so-wonderful ideas and comments about current events, science, or even show biz. Hahaha.

I’ll be reading about Kyoto Protocol. JA.

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