Weekly Photo Challenge: Change

I wanted to share a picture of my application papers for graduate school as it is the change I think I need the most. However, the results will not be out until the first week of May, so I am sharing another activity which I think helped changed my perspectives a lot: traveling.

I am not pampered but I am used to staying within the boundaries of my comfort zone. Two years ago, the habit had finally taken its toll. I felt I had no purpose and my whole “take it from my experiences” talks were of no substance. I had this urge that I need to see more… experience more.  I found that satisfaction through traveling. The decision to leave the glitz that I’ve been used to, and explore new places with only my bag and my feet as my companion was one of the best things I’ve done in my life. I found new appreciation for almost everything–the color of the sky during sunset, the feeling of seeing underwater, the thrill of jumping without reservations, and even  the bed I am using everyday. Perhaps the most important thing I’ve learned so far is… life is most beautiful in its simplest form.  Enjoying life does not mean we have to succumb to the glamour dictated by the society. Sometimes,  all we need is ourselves  and the beautiful surroundings God provided us.

Two years after my hulabaloo, I can say that while I am not yet a changed person but I am definitely an improved one. The saying that “once you started traveling, you cannot go back” is indeed true. My thirst to wander is larger than ever but this time I am not feeling so lost. 🙂

Entries for this week’s challenged can be found at Daily Post.

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