Up at Almost 5 AM

Argh. It’s almost 5 am. I can hear the rooster now… And yes, there are still roosters in Manila. My freaking insomia is kicking up again. My lifestyle is slowly turning to a perfect vampire lifestyle… especially during weekends. I sleep until noon, then I am awake until about 4 am. Argh. Great great habit.

Anyway, I finished watching “One Mom and Three Dada” earlier. It was sooooo gooood! Wahaha! I won’t spoil anything but it was great! So funny and I love Jo Jyun Jae even more! Waahah! Forget all about the exams! I’ll think about it later this noon. Mwhahah!

I better sleep now.. or rather try to sleep. I know I won’t be sleeping again tomorrow. Huhu. Envi sci exam and some plans of “drinking”. Hehe. Ja!

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