Weekely Photo Challenge: Fresh

Every time I go home to Bicol, I make certain to wake early on a particular day to take photos of mom’s beautiful flowering plants. Chasing the morning dew on the petals of  flowers is like trying to find a needle in stack of hay. However, once you are successful in doing so, you get a refreshing and elating feeling of achieving such feat. So.. here are some of my attempts at catching the fresh morning dew:

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Home

How do you define home? Or when can you tell when a place has turned into a home?

I hardly stay in one place. The place where I was born is different from where I grew up. I studied elementary, high school and college in three different places. And now that I am working, I am staying in a different place again. I’ve lived for almost 12 years on my own now and I hardly feel homesick anymore. But then I thought… when I’m homesick, which home am I referring to?

  • Naga City saw me as the traveling toddler. While my memories on this aspects of my life are very vague, Naga reminds of how I developed my love for traveling and mingling with people.
  • Iriga City saw me take my first steps in discovering my dreams. I spent my formative years in Iriga City and it is the place I literally call my hometown.
  • Pisay saw me break my backbone and re-establish it. It is where I realized that  there is a larger world beyond the one I already knew and there are lot of people of who are better than me. Despite all the hard experiences in Pisay, it is one of the most significant ‘homes’ because it is where I met the people I now call “friends for life”.
  • UP.  If Pisay was a world outside of my world, UP is the universe outside of those two worlds. If  in Pisay I discovered there a lot of people who was better than me, in UP I discovered I was just another human being–unless I make a difference I can call my own. I hardly know anyone there now that I’ve already graduated but every time I step on UP ground there is a familiar feeling of “Yes. I’m back. UP, can you see me?”. There’s an unspoken sense of familiarity among people who don’t even know each other.
  • Paranaque, Paranaque is a unique case. Can I call it  home already? I don’t think so. Right now, it just serves as place where I can sleep right after work. And while I feel that I am in a stage where I feel closest to myself, I still feel so lost and Paranaque doesn’t provide the kind of solace I feel in my so- called homes.
Which one is home?

Which one is home?

So what’s in a home? I guess it’s the sense of familiarity and warmth that a place evokes in you. That sense can come from people such as family and friends whom you can always go back to. It could also  simply come from memories of  how a place had once been a significant part of your life.

P. S. I actually wrote this way back in June 2011 but somehow I never posted this. When I saw this week’s theme, I said to myself, “Ah, the time has come”. Sorry for the outburst of words and the lack of pictures but I feel I have expressed myself better by posting this.

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Moment of Realization

I first held a camera when I was six years old and developed a liking for photography but never took it seriously.   I just usually carry my camera most of the time, take pictures of anything that interest me and compile them. I never knew the technicalities of what makes a good camera or photographs. I just took pictures of people, scenes and things in angles that I will think will make them more interesting.

 However, lately there has been a turn of events in my not so existent hobby. At the start of 2012, I joined WordPress’ weekly photo challenge in the hope that my blog would not be stagnant. I found the challenge very interesting. Every week there’s a new theme. I have to think of a photo as well as a story that would fit the theme. I got what I initially wanted. My blog is at least updated once a week.

As the year progresses, I realized that the challenge brought my blog and me so much more than I wished for. I was surprised by the jump in my viewership, subscribers and comments. I also met a lot of people: ordinary bloggers like me, professionals, travelers and many more. It’s the first time I realized the power of blogging, how it could transcend time and space, and how content can make a difference.

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Launch

Last year I joined WordPress’ challenge to post every week. This year, I’m joining the weekly photo challenge!

How will this work? Every Saturday, a theme will be provided. Participants need to post a picture related to the theme before Friday of the following week. For Week 1, the theme is LAUNCH. Here’s my share:


It’s a needle in a launch position. Nah. Joke. Launch literally means to start or take-off so here’s  a pic of the needle just when I was about to sew.

See you next week! 😉