Google Hacks for a Breezy Do-It-Yourself Trip

There was a time that I was able to write a travel diary after every travel. I even managed to write one entry per day of a travel! Wow! Where did I get all the time?! But then life and wanderlust happened. I planned travels faster that I could write about them so now I have 4 years and 22 trips worth of backlog!

In those years of traveling, I’ve only booked a tour package thrice: during a trip to Bohol in 2014, a trip to Northern Vietnam in 2015, and a trip to Sagada in 2016. The only reason I did so was because I was travelling with a large group and the public transportation option between our target destinations was not very convenient. More often that not, I prefer planning my own itinerary because I usually set a maximum budget per trip. I then adjust my itinerary, accommodation, food and transportation options according to that maximum budget. And how do I manage to do this? It’s through everybody’s best friend: GOOGLE!

Yeah, Google has been pretty much my travel planing bff in addition to There are so many travel apps around but I always go back to these two for a seamless travel plan. Below are some of the Google hacks that I love and use a lot in planning my travels:

  1. Looking for cheap flights through Google Search

The best way to know about flight promos is still to subscribe to the alerts of plane companies. But there’s also a feature in Google Search that allows you to search for the lowest flights. Just type the IATA code of your origin and destination airports, then Google will give you the different flights available. You can further refine the search according to price, travel period, etc.

Flight search from Manila to Bangkok.

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Jump Shots and Dreams

On my recent trip to Pangasinan, my friends and I literally took tons of jump shots. There’s something so awesome about them since they create an illusion of defying gravity. Here are some  of the shots we took (though some I already shared some of these in my previous posts):

Awesome, aren’t they? It’s as if at some point in time I am floating in midair, something that I am dreamed of for a very long time–experiencing the feeling of flying, of no no gravity holding me back, of having a bird’s eye view of the world I live in. Big and far off dreams. But hey as they, once can dream for free! =)

Happy Friday everyone!

(Travel Diary) Exploring Pangasinan: Part Two

Day 2: Bolinao, Pangasinan

A taste of the Bolinao sun.

For the second part of our Pangasinan trip, we went to Bolinao which is  just an hour away from Alaminos City if you’re traveling via a private vehicle.

I told my friends that by 9 AM we should already be at Villa Carolina Resort in Bolinao because we still have a day tour around the town. We agreed to wake up at 5:30 AM but as usual since I always experience “pamamahay” whenever I’m in a new place, I was already awake around 3:15 AM.  By 5:20 AM, I was already at the inn’s balcony waiting for the sunrise. It was worth the wait since I got this awesome view.

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(Travel Diary) Exploring Pangasinan: Part 1

As early as January this year, I was already on planning on a place where I could invite my high school friends for a quick getaway. Last year we went to Subic so for this year I wanted somewhere farther but still easily accessible by land. I settled for Pangasinan since it’s just 5-6 hours from Metro Manila but is still seeming of tourist spots.

Last Friday my planning finally came to fruition as I and six of my friends flanked our a**es of to Alaminos City and Bolinao, Pangasinan.

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(Travel Diary) A Weekend in Subic

I love traveling. I especially love long trip and road trips. I’ve been working for over a year now but because I still have commitments, I still can’t afford to go to far-flung places. However, in January I promised myself that I’ll try to reach different places this year. My goal this year  is to tour Luzon.

There is peace in traveling alone but we must admit that traveling with companions is still a lot more fun. I thank God I have friends who have the same idiosyncrasies as me.  So I and three of my high school friends have officially started what could be series of escapade. Our first stop last May 14-15: Subic Bay.

View from the window.

Going to Subic

We agreed to meet at Victory Liner at 5:30 AM in the morning. I don’t know what happened because for the first time in my life, I arrived late for a trip. LOL. I reached the terminal 5:55 AM, just five minutes before the bus departed.

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