2NE1 To Anyone Album Review

This is my first attempt at reviewing an album so bear with me.

2NE1’s 1st full album is out and Blackjacks are rejoicing. There is a very big expectation for the girls’ first album because their mini album did great. I liked it too. The EP did not show much of the girls’ vocal range but it did show their versatility. There was also a consistency in the musical style that the girls’ were trying to convey to their audience.

Anyway, enough of the EP talk. Onto the album:

1. Can’t Nobody
The song is very 2NE1 or rather very YG. I can categorize this with Fire and Pretty Boy. I don’t know if that is good or not but at least the composers stuck to the style 2NE1 is pursuing. However, I had issues with the excessive processing of the song. I can barely understand what CL and Minzy were saying in the opening verse, which is quite weird because I can usually follow what they are singing even though it’s in Korean. As expected… beats, buzzes, and lots of them. This is a hip hop song so I don’t expect percussions. Parts are very repetitive. It feels I’m listening to the same thing for almost three minutes. It weren’t for the bridge, I’d totally despise the song. I don’t dig the song right now. I’m hoping the live version would be better.
Rating: 6.5/10

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