I am still surprised when I see college students going out and about this summer. I often forget that major universities in the Philippines have already implemented academic shift. Classes now start in August and ends in May. This also means that summer breaks which used to be from April to May now fall on the not so summery months of June and July.

As a kid, I would always count the days until summer break. I felt 10 months for a school year was too long. Time also went by too slow. Summer meant I could wake up late, laze around for the whole day, and bury myself in the comfort of my books. I remember devouring shelves and shelves of books. It came to a point my mom would scold me because she had to keep my books in boxes under my bed.

Summer also meant lots of sunshine. We would go to beaches around the Bicol Region. Back then, sunblock was not yet a fad. Instead, we were forced to apply baby oil to protect out skin from the sun. And since I hated applying any form of oil in my body, by the end of summers I would end up so dark than my usual color.

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Post Summer Lovin’

The summer is over in the Philippines. In fact, it’s been rainy for two months now! We even had a very strong typhoon last week. 😦 BUT in honor of this week’s theme, here’s some summer lovin’ photographs which I took last May when I went to a vacation in the provinces of Iloilo, Bacolod and Guimaras:

My friend, Cez, and our turtle friend.

My friend, Cez, and our turtle friend.


In front of Jaro Church, one of the oldest churches in the Philippines.


Braving the heat just to take advantage of this beautiful cemetery.


Is still sunny in you part of the world? More “summer lovin” pics at Daily Post.



Recalling Laiya

One year in the making yet I haven’t still talked about our office’s team building last year. It  was a two-day activity  held in Blue Coral Beach Resort in Laiya, Batangas. I could barely remember what happened except for the fact that our team won the games! Ha!

Blue Coral's beach front.

Blue Coral’s beach front.


Having a pool works to the resort's advantage.

Having a pool works to the resort’s advantage.

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Weekly Photo Challege: Summer

Apart from the beach, the sea (which I have been posting a lot lately), and beautiful sunsets, summer also means vivid colors, flowers and bright blue skies! Enjoy the pictures and happy Monday everyone! =)

Yellow bell.


Blue sky and fluffy clouds in Tagaytay.

Awesome Summer!

Ailsa at Where’s my backpack? has another posted a challenge and would love you all to join in. See here:

The theme for this week is SUMMER!

Since I cannot summarize how awesome my summer is in just one picture, I prepared a collage:

A visit to the MV Logos’s Hope. Miko’s graduation. PCHRD’s team buiding in Subic. Holy Week in Bicol. Despedida lunch for Sir Mike. My 23rd birthday. Mamaw’s bash for April celebrants, board passers, and Jill’s despedida. Trip to Pangasinan. Roadtrip to Tagaytay.

Awesome summer isn’t it? Definitely one of best in my 23 years of existence. How was your summer? 🙂