Every now and then

You stumble, you fall 

To a point where you can’t stand up. 

You cry, you bleed

To take the pain out. 

You fear, you doubt

Because you can’t hope enough. 

Yet you smile, you laugh

Because that’s when you are at your best. 

You love, you give

Because you’re human,

You’re unpredictable. 

You’re beautiful. 

You live. 



The other night, I treated myself to dinner after a stressful day. While seating comfortably in the corner of the restaurant, a stranger sat in the next table and  greeted me with a big smile. Not wanting to offend her, I just smiled back. After I finished my meal, I stood up and looked  her way. She smiled again and said to me, “You’re done? Bye!”

I didn’t smile back, I just said to myself, “What an interesting person.”

It was not the first time I had an interesting encounter with a stranger. Way back  in December, while walking towards the jeepney terminal of SM Bicutan, a car stopped beside me. The driver rolled the window down and shouted at me, “Hey miss, do you have an umbrella?”

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