Keep Your Word

One lesson I learned from my freelance writing jobs is I should not commit to an assignment if I can’t beat the deadline. The same goes for writing about topics which I am not very familiar about. But sometimes there are unavoidable situations which cause me to submit a paper late or in worse case, request it to be reassigned to another writer.  The price I paid was steep. The fee for reassigning the paper to another writer was deducted from my salary and I was put on probationary status. Since then, I have been more careful in selecting my assignments and I have always tried to finish a paper at least an hour before a deadline even if it meant not sleeping for 24 hours straight.

Sadly, the same kind of penalty cannot be imposed for friends or relatives who do not keep their word. After all, friendship and any other form of human relation are complex in nature and cannot be caged in boundaries and rules that apply for instance in our work.  We can always go back to the “we are just human” argument that we can’t control people, situations and decisions. We can’t always expect things to happen the way we imagined them.

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(Travel Diary) Davao Part 1: Of Sunrise, Rafting, Heights and Fauna

March to December. That was a long wait. I and three of my high school buddies (Cez, Thomas, and Conney) had to wait for nine months before this trip came to reality. And boy, it was worth the wait.  Second encounter with Davao was love. And until now, it’s been two days but but my body is still looking for all the thrill and fun I experienced over the weekend. So, what  are we waiting for? Let me take you to how my three-day trip to Davao City went by.


Day 1

Our flight was scheduled at 4:10 AM so we already at the airport as early as 2:45 AM. Thankfully, there were no glitches and we left Manila on time and arrived in Davao at around 5:45 AM. While on the plane, the sun graced us with his presence and the sight was a unforgettable one:

Davao sunrise as seen from the plane.

Davao sunrise as seen from the plane.

From the airport, we proceeded to Palm’s Residence Inn to check in. Unfortunately, their check in time is at 3 PM. We decided to just eat breakfast at a nearby branch of McDonald’s. From there, we proceeded to Davao Crocodile Park where the office Davao Wildwater Adventure (DWA), Inc. is situated.

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Last Summer Hurrah

Summer is almost over and what’s the best way to spend it? Swimming with some of the best people I know! June 12 was the “unofficial” celebration of our HS batch’s 10 years of friendship. Twenty one of us flocked to Club Manila East and had our backs and butts burned by the scorching heat of the sun.

Stronger @ 10!

Club Manila East was nothing extraordinary. I still feel that I did not enjoy the PhP 350 I paid for the entrance fee. Bringing of food is also not allowed. This was why at the end of the day, most of us were already dying from hunger. Pools were okay. There were two wave pools, a diving site, kiddie pools and the standard pools. Their website was advertising a new facility which turned out to be a “low lying” and almost dysfunctional zip line. BLEH. Anyway, I still had fun! BECAUSE location does not matter as long as with my beloved friends.

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