Weekly Photo Challenge: Lost in Details

This week’s challenge is a bit technical. It challenges us to go out of our comfort zone of taking landscape shots and go into detail. The pictures below  were taken even before the challenge was posted but since they fit the week’s theme, I am sharing them. The first picture is a landscape/panoramic shot of the beach of Matukad Isaland in Caramoan, Caramines Sur:


There were  lot if interesting things on the shore but the one captured my interest the most and made me capture it in more detail is the sea weeds:


Hope I did justice to this week’s theme. Happy Monday everyone! For more entries for this challenge, check out Daily Post.


Weekly Photo Challenge: Forward

Huwaw! It’s been almost two weeks since I last posted and I feel so bad for missing last week’s photo challenge. >_< February is madness! I’ve traveled to Caramoan Islands last week, succumbed into office chaos brought by the ISO external surveillance, and finally, I went back forth from Paranaque to UP Diliman to  work out the requirements for my graduate school application. But all is well now! I’m super done. Earlier, I submitted my application and now I just have to wait for the results. In a few days, I will also be posting my Caramoan travel diary series. Now, there’s nothing left to do but more forward! Hurray!


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(Travel Diary) Davao Part 3: Of Hidden Paradise, Ladderized Falls and Good Food

I finally managed to find some time to finish my overdue Davao City Travel Diary. It’s been more than a  month now after the trip but the surreality of that experienced is still clearly etched in my mind. On our third and last day in Davao, I’ve discovered the places and things that made me finally fall in love with the place. After that day, I was finally able to say… I won’t mind going back to Davao City for a third time.

The humble Hagimit Falls.
The humble Hagimit Falls.

Day 3

We were schedule to start our island hopping tour at 7:00 AM so we woke up very early. While waiting for the boat, Bounty Hounter, and the boatman we decided to stroll first around Kaputian area and bought bread for breakfast and some snacks to eat during the tour proper. When we got back to the inn, we surprised to hear someone greeting us, “Pangit, pangit! (Ugly, ugly!)”. Turns out that someone was actually a parrot that can say all sorts of stuff from pangit and  magandang umaga (Good morning) but not gwapo (handaome) and maganda (beautiful).

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(Food Trip) Hunky Burgers of Dong Juan

For every travel, I usually write a travel diary but I seldom write anything about new restaurants that I and my friends discover. I am not really a foodie but since I have friends who are, then I also became a foodie by default. So I decided to feature some of the restaurants that I’ve been to and share my eating experience. I’ll start with the restaurant we tried out when we went to Cebu: Dong Juan.

Dong Juan offers all the fast food we love from burgers, fries, pasta and pizza but with a different twist. Everything has been upscaled that one would thought it’s almost a fine dining restaurant. There are a lot of goodies on their menu but of course I did not want to miss out their famous burger so I ordered a cheeseburger (~Php 200)  for myself. Didn’t knew it would be big as this:

And this.

The burger was greaaaaaaat. One of the best I had in my entire life. The patty had the right juiciness and the cheese did a good job of enriching the Dong Juan burger experience. The burger was also so huge that I had to cut it into four so I could bite properly. I wouldn’t mind ordering another one if someone can tell me if there’s a Dong Juan branch here in Manila.

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