Inside Out

I went inside an old bell tower wondering if there’s something interesting waiting for me. I was surprised to discover that there was just a staircase leading to the top most floor where a bell used to be located. And beside the staircase was window, offering another perspective of the outside world.


Outside, I wondered what’s inside. Inside, I realized I’ll be just looking back the outside world I come from.

This post is my entry to Daily Post’s Weekly Photo Challenge with the theme Inside.

(Travel Diary) Quick Cebu Getaway (Part 1)

Last July, my officemate Thea informed our office gang (which consists of me, Io, Shei, Sab, Thea, and Nico) that Cebu Pacific has promo flights going to Cebu. She booked herself a round trip and then asked us if we wanted to join her in Cebu. Of course we readily said yes! Php 1,200 for a roundtrip fare? Yeah baby. Yeah.

A memory worth relieving for.

Day 1

 After almost two months of waiting, September 24 finally came! Our flight for Cebu was at 6:30 PM so we were supposed to leave the office at 4:00 PM. I had to report for work at 7:01 AM so that I don’t have to commit an undertime! We arrived at the airport just on time and apart from the change in the departure gate and minor delay in the runway, our travel was very smooth.

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