Changing Paths

Yesterday after defending a research program for renewal, one of the board members of our office asked, “What is your background?”.

I replied, “I took Chemistry as my undergraduate course, then International Health for my graduate course”.

He then replied, “Wow. I never knew you were a chemist. Do you want to go back to the lab?”.

I was so tempted to reply, “Why, do you want to pirate me?”

Hah. It’s not the first time I got this reaction in my current line of work. The project leaders of one of the studies I manage once asked me, “Do you know any chemist? I need one for the project.”

I joked, “Do you want to hire me?”

Shocked, he then replied, “You’re a chemist? We’ve been working for a while now, but I never knew!”

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(Blast from the Past) Life in Color

My Chem blockmates back in college.

This picture has a very special place in my heart. This was the picture that our Chemistry batch submitted for the UP College of Science 2009 yearbook. But aside from the fact the these people are of my amazing four-year stay in UP Diliman, I like this picture more because of what it represents: color. The concept we had for this pictorial is literally nerdy: There is so many elements in the periodic table. When combined with other elements, the products are compounds of all sorts of color. Compounds of transition metals are the most beautiful ones because they form compounds of bright colors. In short, Chemistry is not a boring science. It is essentially, full of colors.

But more than Chemistry itself, what “color” connotes transcend to me, to the people in the picture, to our stay in UP and to life in general. There’s so much that life has to offer. There’s so much to see. There’s so much to experience. Essentially, there should be no room for boredom. Our life for now may be limited to a certain area or if you’re lucky you can be the type to who gets to travel to new places. Either way, the way our life turns out to be  is a product of how we choose to live it.  If you dwell in negativity, pretty much your surroundings will also treat you negatively.

Have a great day everyone! 🙂

So Long, Pav II


I woke up today to a sad news that part of the UPD Institute of Chemistry (IC) is now turned to ashes. A lot of things immediately flashed on my mind: the people who could be doing labwork during the fire, the equipments, the glasswares, the possibility of an explosion to due to a gas leak, cancellation of classes, and so on and so forth. This is definitely a big loss to the science community of UP Diliman. Continue reading “So Long, Pav II”

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