Nine, Three and Counting

Earlier, I saw a new notification in my WordPress menu bar. When I clicked it, this greeted me:


Amazing. It’s been three (3) years since I  opened a blog in WordPress and effectively nine(9) years  since I started blogging. Those nine years were not a joke as  I have to constantly  pry my brain for ideas and memories which I can share. I can say that just like any hobby, blogging needs dedication and discipline for one to be able to sustain it.

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Another Year of Fruitful Blogging

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It’s my blog’s 2nd birthday! Hoooray! It’s amazing indeed how time so flies so fast. “Thoughtful Paper” just turned two and I couldn’t even be happier. Contrary to the age of my WordPress blog, I am actually a “old” blogger already. I started blogging in 2004 through the influence of my two good high school friends Nicole and Soleil. All in all, I have been blogging for about eight (8) years now. The funny thing is among the three of us, I am now the only one who maintains a blog.

My first site was hosted by Geocities. It went by the name of “A Dissected Integrated Circuit. Yeah. I am nerd. It was a manual blog, which means I had to upload a layout, edit the HTML coding every time I want to post and edit the codes too for the comment page, the tag board all other add ons. Wow. I actually did that before. Where did my HTML knowledge go?

In 2006, I transferred to LiveJournal and renamed my blog “Ceaselessly in Motion”. I had no laptop during my first two years in college so I found it hard to maintain a manual blog. I needed a site where I can just type what I want to post and then click the “Publish”. LJ served its purpose. It contained all my rants regarding my college life so I had to limit the audience of my blog.

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