Every now and then

You stumble, you fall 

To a point where you can’t stand up. 

You cry, you bleed

To take the pain out. 

You fear, you doubt

Because you can’t hope enough. 

Yet you smile, you laugh

Because that’s when you are at your best. 

You love, you give

Because you’re human,

You’re unpredictable. 

You’re beautiful. 

You live. 


Parallel Existence

You and me, we move in the same space.

The left is yours. 

The right is mine. 

An exact replica of each other. 

You, 9 to 6. I, 9 to 6. 

You look up to  sky to count the hours until sunset. 

I look down to count the hours  until sunrise.

You, wondering how it is to be different. 

I, trying to define what is normal. 

You and me, we move in the same space. 

But never at the same time. 

You Can’t Help But Love It: Queen Inhyun’s Man

I have a confession to make. Two weeks ago, I tried watching a new Korean drama entitled Queen Inhyun’s Man. Now, I am sick with a disease called addiction. I literally dropped all other shows (Love Rain, Fashion King, King to Hearts, Rooftop Prince, Marriage Plot, and Equator’s Man) I’m watching to just focus on this one. It’s been a while since I totally loved a Korean drama, the last one being Dream High. Yes, I’ve blabbered about how good Moon the Embraces the Sun was but that show got swallowed by its own popularity and failed to live up to the hype.

Ji Hyun Woo as Kim Boong Do and Yoo In Na as Choi Hee Jin

Having watched so many Korean dramas already (see my separate page on the shows I’ve watched), it’s already very hard to impress me. But I still keep watching, hoping I’ll find a new gem and discover new actors and actresses. Queen Inhyun’s Man was a gamble because it’s a product of TvN, a lesser known Korean channel but  because their recent drama productions (Shut Up Flower Boy Band, Flower Boy Ramyun Shop) delivered, I prayed it would follow its predecessor. I must say… the gamble paid off.

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All About Time

Excerpt from Dr. Philip E. Humbert’s “The Innovative Professional Letter”:

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It was the invention of factories that made people began thinking about how many hours they worked, and it wasn’t until after World War II that the average person owned a watch.

Think about how life has changed because digital watches now tell us it is 9:57, rather than “about 10 o’clock”. I typically have clients call at exactly top of the hour, and if either their clock, or mine, is a few minutes off wee we end up apologizing to each other for being “early” or “late”.

Imagine living any time in the past 10,000, before you got your first watch. When the sun came up, you got up and went to work. When the sun went down, it was time to quit. In the winter, there was less light, and workdays were short. In the summer, with more light, there was more work but also more time to swim play or plant and harvest.
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