(Review) Lee Hi’s First Love: First Impressions

Lee Hi dropped the first half of her debut album earlier. People  have high expectations for the album because of the stellar performance of her first single, 1,2,3,4 and to a lesser extent, the sophomore Scarecrow.  The two singles did a great job of showing Ha Yi’s range and versatility both as a performer and as a vocalist, so I’m looking forward to the discoveries I will make about her through this album.  Read on for my first impressions on the tracks…

Credits to YG Entertainment.

Credits to YG Entertainment.

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(Review) 2NE1 – I Love You

2ne1 just released a new single entitled I Love You and you can’t just imagine what lengths I did just to make sure I get a copy of the song at exactly 12 MN KST. Yes, I signed up for a paid Soribada account and this is the first time I actually did something like this.

(Credits to YG Entertainment)

Anyway, I’m digressing. Back to the song. When YG released the series of audio teasers for I Love You, I had a hard time figuring out how the song will turn out because the three teasers sounded like three different songs. And I wasn’t wrong about that. I didn’t like the song when I first played it. I thought it sounded disjointed and there was hardly continuity. You are welcomed by CL telling you “Love is the only way”, then a reggae-ish exchange between CL and Minzy at 0:07, then a change to the electronic repetitive “I love You” and series of verses at 0:36, then back to the reggae-ish feel at 2:46 then electronica to the max at 3:19. I thought I was hearing four songs that were chopped at random parts and were glued together to make the final I Love You product.

Several repeats after… It’s a totally different story. When I thought I couldn’t put the song on repeat, now I am so addicted. I don’t know what’s in this song that makes me want to play over and over again! Is it the beat? Is it the loopy verses? I just can’t pinpoint it. Teddy and Lydia has a done a good job of creating a song that is not entirely ground breaking but enough to make people addicted to it and love it—the very requirements of a smash hit.

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The Quality of YG Music Videos

I love the music videos that YG is producing lately, more importantly their quality. One thing I hate about the current Kpop scene is how idol songs and music videos (MV) have turned into one repetitive cycle. YG is no exception to this. However, I am glad that they have not succumbed to dishing out low quality music videos just to say that their songs have accompanying MVs.

I appreciate it a when a company exerts an effort to construct a story for an MV and not just let the singers dance in a box, shoot them, and that’s it. If their going to do so, then they have to make sure the sets and clothes are going to catchy and flashy enough and the video is shot in super HD to engage the viewer up to the last second of the video.

Anyway, I am digressing again. Going back to YG, they have a combination of MV with story/flowing MV and with MV’s in a box. Nonetheless, their videos are always an eye candy and I can’t help but go O___O. They have also ventured into producing animated videos which are such a good breather for viewers once in a while.

Here are some of their “flowing MVs” which I love:

1. Gummy ft TOP – Sorry (Japanese Version)

This video just came out today but holly molly, it just became one of my favorite videos. Aside from Gummy’s usual amazing voice, there is an excellent use of visual elements in this video.

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Share a Photo: Until We Meet Again!

(Credits to khuntorialurve @ tumblr)


To my one and only OTP, I will surely miss you. Saturdays will not be the same without you. Thank you for all the  cringe worthy moments, smiles, laughs and most of all…love. I am praying that in the future I will just be surprised that you two are together again. =)

After exchanging our last good byes and crying,
After hugging each other for the last time,
As we exchanged regrets and apologies,
We wiped each others’ tears away

After time passes and feelings fade away,
We told each other to meet again as friends
And be by each other’s side
And with those finals words and a hug, we parted

Because the sun is so bright and warm
My tears dried, a lot faster than I thought
At first I thought I would die, I really couldn’t breathe
But the sun was so bright…
That it made it all right.

-Afternoon Separation (JYP ft. Sun Ye)

What’s Up Boob Tube?

Since I can barely keep up with my watching list, I decided to list them now in a update/review manner. First stop: English and American Shows.

1. NCIS Season 8

The episode on Saturday on Fox Philippines marks the finale of the 8th season. I’m excited to know how Gibb’s team will solve and port-to-port killer case and if EJ will manage to escape the killer. Season 8 was quite boring for me. It lacked the thrill of having a dilemma that runs throughout the entire season, something I found entertaining in the past seasons. Nonetheless, I still enjoyed season 8. As always, the show has a detailed logic to back its storyline. It also has an essence of “humanity”, an aspect I can’t find in most CSI shows.

Scary. (from screenrant.com)

2. Got to Dance UK 2

Ah. I feel such joy in watching breathtaking performances. This is one of the very few shows which can initiate me to cry. Yes, I do cry. The amount of talent displayed on the 2nd season was much much impressive than the first season. I wanted Two’s Company to win but Chris and Wez was not a bad choice. Technique wise, the girls of Two’ Company surpassed everyone else on the finals, but performance wise, Kris and Wez was a shoo-in for the crown. It also doesn’t hurt that they’re also very talented.

Moving on to Korean shows… Honestly, I watch more Korean shows than English and Filipino shows combined. Anyway, here goes my list:


1. We Got Married

Oh, Nichkhun and Victoria, just date/marry in real life already. The recent episodes are getting shorter and shorter with the addition of the Kwon Ri Sae and David Oh couple but Khuntoria easily trumps the other couples when it comes to sweetness, skinship, cheesiness, etc. WGM team certainly scored a jackpot when they casted these two. They are one of the most natural couples I’ve ever seen on the show. Whether the interactions are for reel or real, one can’t deny that Khuntoria has explosive chemistry. They’ve been on the show for more than a year now and I think I am not the only one who’s worried that they might leave anytime soon. However, I realized that WGM can’t afford to lose them yet since the newer couples do not have a solid fanbase yet. I will be so happy if they stay on the show for at least another six months.

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First Week of June: From Korea to America

The first seven days of June is already over and guess what? I am having a blast! And it seems the blast will not stop there. I bet there is more to come!

One my penchant in life is Korea: movies, government, economy, dramas, music.. Name it. I have a particular bias for YG Family so when I learned that 2NE1 is coming to the Philippines, I and some friends immediately grabbed tickets for the concert.

The Party

The “mini” concert finally took place last Saturday, June 4. I had one hell of a time! It was first time attending a Kpop concert and it was also my first time at the Big Dome. LOL.

I was definitely insane while they were singing.

2NE1 is great at performing live. They only sang eight songs but it was enough for me to feel how contagious their energy is as performers. They also sang Lonely and Clap Your Hands, so I am partially satisfied already. I am definitely hoping they will come back to the Philippines for a full-fledged concert. Continue reading

(Review) 2NE1 – Lonely

Strings. This song is all about strings and I’m loving it. Lonely is an excellent addition to 2NE1’s growing resume. While many of us know that YG has the ability to produce a song of such quality and subtlety, the simple of use of stings still surprised me and it’s very refreshing to the ears. I already know 2NE1 can pull off mellow songs excellently: In the Club, It Hurts, Love is Ouch. But one aspect that made Lonely stand out is the absence of percussion instruments, synthesizers and minimal treatment of the vocals. Whoever composed and arranged the music, I so love you.

(Credits to YG Life)

I like how the music started with a simple guitar plucking then transitioned into strumming. It builds tension and anticipation for the chorus. The use of violin in the chorus made me grin from ear to ear. I love the music that violins create and I think violin music is one the most gorgeous sound you can infuse to a song. If you pay close detail to the song, at the part where Minzy and Bom sing “I’m so lonely…lonely..”, there are actually two violins playing. I loved it. They created a perfect harmonization. I wish 2NE1 can do the same.

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Korea is my Blackhole

My poor blog.  I’ll try not too abandon you too much. Life is pretty busy but my activities are boring so there’s nothing much to share. Hmm.. Might as well share the shows who are occupying a quarter of my life:

1. We Got Married

I’ve been following this show for years now but sometimes I don’t like the couples they feature so the show gets buried in my subconcious. Last time I checked the show constantly was during the start of the Adam (Jo Kwon-Ga In couple). They were so funny but I eventually got tired of their antics that I’d totally stopped watching their parts. But now… now… I found a new reason to watch the show. Nickhuna and Victoria! I am neither a fan of 2 PM nor f(x) so I weren’t that curious about them at first but when I decided to watch an episode, I’m instantly hooked. It’s been 16 episodes and is still getting better. Ah. ❤

2. Sunkyunkwan Scandal

I try to step away from saeguk Korean dramas because they are usually long and I puke the uber formal manner speaking but this show totally changed my perspective. I’m officially on the boat. It’s like Hana Kimi of the past only with a deeper storyline and excellent choice of cast.  Who doesn’t love Yong Ha (Song Joong Ki in real life)  and Jae  In (Yoo Ah In) aka Guh RO. LOL. They are not even the leads.  I am still feeling Sunjoon (Micky Yoochun) and Yoon Hee (Park Min Young). I’ll get to that.

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