And so, I wonder…

I find peace in airports.
In watching people come and go
In wondering what are their reasons for coming and leaving
In waiting to be teleported to another place.

I find peace in plane rides.
In watching sunrises or sunsets from up the sky
In appreciating how the world can be so small and big
And of how traffic lights look like twinkling stars.

I find peace in long train trides.
In being amazed how fast scenes change outside the window.
Of how some rides can be so fast, while some so slow.
Of how stations differ, of how many people come and go.

I find peace in long bus trips
In shutting off my brain and thinking about nothing
In cuddling in the comfort of my blanket.
In listening to soothing music to kill time.

And so I wonder…when can I find peace again?

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