I got out of the van and looked at my wristwatch. It was 8 pm already. I had a very long week and today was no different. I also barely slept the previous night.

I can see the mall from where I stand. I crossed the street and debated on whether I should still eat dinner and buy some groceries. I was too tired to do both. I decided to just go home.

It was still quite a long walk…12 mins I think.  On my way home, I thought about the things that need to be done for work. There are a lot. I cannot even fathom where to start and I cannot imagine if there is an endpoint.

I thought about the people I need to mobilize and teach, of the people I need to coordinate with, and the people depending on our projects.  I thought of our deadlines and wished I can resort to sorcery to meet of all them. It’s so easy to get lost in all of these.

I looked up and saw a street lamp. It looked familiar. I then realized I am just a few blocks away from my apartment.  I asked the heavens if it would kill the world to pause for a night or even a day. I smiled to myself. It’s as if the heavens know the answer.

NO. The world will not drastically change over night…my world, at least. I am punishing no one but myself. I guess for a night, I can set aside all my worries and think about nothing. I can stare blankly at my apartment’s ceiling and enjoy the company of my pillows.

There will be another day. There will be another week. This night is mine. After all, it is Friday.

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